Anal dilator

Traditionally, anal sex has only been associated with gay couples. But the truth is that this practice has been around since ancient civilisations and is one of the most pleasurable. So it's time to remove the stigma.

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Traditionally, anal sex has only been associated with gay couples. But the truth is that this practice has been around since ancient civilisations and is one of the most pleasurable. So it's time to remove the stigma.


One of the most efficient sex toys to have safe and comfortable anal sex is the anal dilator and at Zensual we want to explain everything about it.


What is an anal dilator for?

Anal dilators are a set of sex toys with specific shapes that gradually increase in size. In this way, the anus can gradually become familiar with the required opening size and anal intercourse becomes much more pleasurable and less painful.


By using the dilator, you are slightly stretching the anal sphincters and getting used to the sensation of being penetrated. In this way, anal sex will become more and more pleasurable. 


There are different types of tools to dilate the anus and many of them usually come in packs, to be able to raise the level when the orifice is ready: anal kegel balls, dilator gels, vibrators, plugs, etc.


In addition, these dilators will help the muscles in the anal area to relax progressively. Thus, you will be able to enjoy penetration much more, which will be much easier, relaxed and natural.


Instructions and tips to use an anal dilator

As mentioned above, anal dilators usually come in a kit with various sizes. The first level you will find is a small plug that will allow you to get started in the world of anal sex and from there you will have an extensive range to go up the level of dilation. 


Finally, the kit will end with a fairly large plug, so you can choose how far you want your dilation to go. Each of the tools, moreover, becomes a little more extensive depending on the depth of the anus in which you use it. 


It is advisable to only move on to the next dilator when you feel really comfortable with the previous one and do not feel pain when using it. It is a slow process and you need to be quite consistent, so don't expect to have anal sex comfortably in a week, but you will have to work for a while to get there.


Here are the 5 steps to follow when you want to start using an anal dilator. Follow them to have a healthy and pain-free sexual experience.


1- Clean yourself well before you start

When you start experimenting with anal sex, whether you are a man or a woman, many questions come to mind and most of them are related to faeces


But don't worry, you're unlikely to have an accident on your sheets, unless you've eaten an exaggerated amount of greasy food a few hours ago, so you can rest easy. In fact, it is very difficult to find faeces while you are gently doing the recommended anal dilation play.


Faeces are stored in the upper part of the rectum, at a height that sex toys cannot reach. Therefore, internal cleansing through enemas or pressure washes is a thing of the past. 


Simply take a good shower and apply a little soap, gentle on your skin, to the outside of your anus. Over-scrubbing or over-cleansing can cause the area to become irritated, inside or out, and make anal practice painful.


2- Lubricate the dilator well

This is the quintessential rule to learn before you start using anal dilators: you will need lubricant, more lubricant, and then lubricant again!


First of all, you need to create an atmosphere where you feel comfortable, like when you start any kind of sex play. You should only do it if you really want to do it and if you feel comfortable at that very moment. 


As you will need plenty of lube, it is recommended that before you start you can spread a towel underneath you so as not to stain the sheets. Oil and coconut lubricants can work well for anal sex practices, although the most recommended for its durability is water-based lubricant.


Choose a comfortable place where you can lie down completely and have enough space to relax and enjoy the experience. It is recommended that the initial position in which you start using the anal dilator is lying on your side and with your knees against your chest. 


This will make it easier to insert the dilator into the rectum, because it allows the rectal muscles to relax and the buttocks to spread naturally to facilitate access to the B orifice.


3- Relax and start inserting

Keep your breathing relaxed and steady, which will help all your muscles to relax. Once you feel that your body is completely relaxed you can start inserting. Don't do it before, as you may pull a muscle in your pelvic floor.


Remember that you are the only one who should decide how far you want to go, so you always have the option to stop and try again at another time.


To begin, take the smallest dilator and insert only the tip into your anus. This area at the beginning of the anus is full of nerve endings that can give you a lot of pleasure, so feel comfortable to mix your practice with a massage of the vagina or penis to be even more relaxed and discover new sensations.


4- Start pushing

Keep up with just the tip until you feel comfortable to keep pushing. On the first day you may only want to introduce the tip of the smallest dilator and you can continue pushing at another time. 


When you feel comfortable to continue, you should start pushing the dilator further into the rectum. It is normal if at this point you feel a lot of sensations at once. 


Anal sex is quite different from any other sexual practice, such as vaginal sex or masturbation. So it can take some getting used to, but you should embrace and accept the sensations that come into your body and mind.


Some people feel pleasure from the first time they insert an anal dilator into their rectum, while for others the process of having pleasure will take some practice. Now it's time to listen to what your body needs: stay shallow, go deeper, move on to the next level dilator, etc.


It is advisable to move up to a larger dilator only when you are completely comfortable with the previous one. Because forcing your body to feel pain is a practice that can make sexual encounters less and less pleasurable. In addition, if your body is not prepared, you could end up hurting the tissues of your rectum.


5- Use temperature to your advantage

Warm up your dilator a bit with warm water, so that it gets warmer. You can do this with any type of sex toy, but it works much better with glass ones. You can also use some kind of water-based lubricant that has a warming effect and makes the temperature of your anus rise.


The slightly higher temperature will help your buttocks relax, easing the way for the anal dilator to enter your rectum. In addition, the heat helps the blood vessels to be more dilated, which means that each of the nerve endings will be much more sensitive, leading to greater sexual pleasure.


If you prefer, you can try it cold, to experience the sensations of cold temperatures. 


Buy high quality anal dilators at Zensual

Zensual is an online sex shop where we work only with the most renowned brands to offer our customers all the facilities to have pleasurable sexual encounters. 


Erotic toys, cosmetics, lingerie, etc. can help to fan the flame of a couple and make both people reach much more intense and long-lasting orgasms. We believe in the importance of sex in our daily lives and that is why we offer sex toys for all types of couples and for when you are alone.


Anal toys are one of the best sellers nowadays, because more and more people want to start trying this pleasurable practice that has been stigmatised for so long. On our website you will find a wide range of products to buy anal dilator.


In addition, you can also find the best water, oil and coconut based lubricants, which are essential for any anal practice. We only work with high quality and skin-friendly products, because for us it is very important that you feel comfortable in every sexual encounter, so you can enjoy it to the fullest!


Now you know what an anal dilator is, how to use it and where you can buy it. Take a look at our Zensual online shop and let your imagination run wild, to experience sensations you've never experienced before.

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