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Oh it’s starting to feel like Christmas…. In a way that it has never been felt before, in fact! 

Christmas is a special time of the year when it's time to get sweeter than ever. We share time with our family and go out with our friends, but it is also important that we take special time to take care of our partner, sharing moments of intimacy.

At Zensual we believe that any occasion is a good time to wear lingerie and surprise your partner. But, without a doubt, Christmas is one of the most special times to wear that outfit that will make your partner shiver just by looking at you. Will you join us to discover the best lingerie for Christmas?

Why wear Christmas lingerie

Wearing Christmas lingerie can be a fun and exciting way to add a little excitement to your sex life. This sexy Christmas lingerie can include anything from Christmas themed lingerie, to full Father Christmas or elf costumes that are a little over the top.

As well as adding a touch of creativity to your sexual encounters, wearing sexy Christmas lingerie can also help create an atmosphere of intimacy and emotional connection with your partner. Sharing and experiencing these intimate and personal moments can generate a sense of playfulness and exploration that will strengthen your relationship and enhance your trust as a couple.

Types of Christmas lingerie

Erotic Christmas sets are a category of intimate apparel that you can wear during the holiday season to add a touch of fun and creativity to your sex life, although no one forbids you to use it spontaneously at any time of the year. Here are some of the types of Christmas lingerie you can find, which one do you choose?

  • Christmas themed lingerie: This can range from simple thongs or stockings to underwear sets with snowflake designs, reindeer, Christmas trees and other festive motifs. These lingerie sets are also suitable for any time of the year, as they tend to be quite comfortable.
  • Sexy lingerie sets: These sets come in a variety of styles, from corsets and stockings to babydolls and teddies, but all with Christmas motifs. These lingerie sets can be worn to Christmas dinners and only your partner will know what you're really wearing.
  • Father Christmas costumes: A complete sexy Santa Claus Christmas costume can include a red and white cap, a long coat and a belt, but you can also find sexier versions with a short jacket and shorts. Add a pair of braces from the shorts, to further enhance your figure and drive your partner wild.
  • Elf costumes: A sexy elf costume can include a green and red hat, a matching jacket and trousers, as well as stockings and curved toe shoes. Transparencies are the strong point of this type of costume, because sometimes it's more exciting what you DON'T see, than what you can see explicitly.
  • Sexy Mama Claus costume: This costume can include a short, tight-fitting red dress with white trim, matching stockings and a Christmas hat with a faux fur brim. In the same way as the elf costume, with this type of costume you play with transparencies and with pieces of fabric that go to the limit, without showing what is hidden underneath.

Buy your Christmas lingerie at Zensual

Stop looking all over the shops for Christmas lingerie this year and switch on your computer. At Zensual we have a wide range of Christmas themed lingerie and costumes for you to choose from. All our garments have passed strict safety checks to ensure that the fabrics will be completely respectful of your skin.

We are an online sex shop that opened our doors with the aim of offering people with the most avant-garde style, a selection of erotic products of the highest quality. On our website you will find sex toys full of surprises to use alone or with your partner.

Enter Zensual now to discover all the models of Christmas lingerie we have available, and you won't be able to choose just one!

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