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The use of sexy games helps us to get to know our body better, being a different way of stimulating erogenous zones to achieve greater pleasure and a touch of fun. It should be borne in mind that sex can be practised both as a couple and individually. From the point of view of personal health and life as a couple, it is important to have an active and profitable sex life. This raises the possibility of finding new alternatives to traditional sexual relations.


Orgasm is a fundamental goal when having sex with another person. The idea is not to reach it quickly in order to finish as soon as possible; in reality, there are mechanisms that make it possible to excite the body and turn sexual relations into an act of fun and enjoyment. This can encourage sexual activity and open up new horizons that promote more interesting activities for the couple. In this case, sexy games come into play, which are essential to intensify passion. Zensual tells you all about it. 

Why have sexy games at home? 


Sexy games are useful items to warm up and ignite the flame between you and your partner, have a spicy time at a party or even flirt with someone unexpected.

Thus, we can say that they are a good option to improve sexual life as a couple, as they offer the opportunity to be used at home on a regular basis to have more satisfactory sexual encounters.


The trend of erotic games is on the rise. More and more couples are deciding to buy them with a very clear aim: to enrich sexual relationships and turn them into a much more fun and satisfying act. Of course, they improve orgasms and intensify the desire to have sex with your partner. Thus, unique moments can be shared at home, taking into account that, basically, sexy games will greatly benefit personal, affective and emotional relationships. After all, they are considered good resources for everyday use.


Having these sexy games at home makes for a better life as a couple. It should be borne in mind that, as time goes by, sexual relations may become fewer and fewer in number, or even less frequent. This is why it is necessary to use erotic games, which are very appropriate whenever sexual encounters are going to take place. To rekindle the flame of passion, it is important to look for some alternatives that are different from what is usually practised; it can even be a good solution if you have lost the desire to have sex.


There is a wide range of sexy games for both women and men. They can be used as a couple or to play as a group. The idea is to achieve a certain degree of satisfaction beyond what is commonly known. Whenever you want, they can be used as a preamble to sex, so you can work much better stimulation of the genitals and also encourages the imagination to disconnect from the daily routine and direct the mind towards something much more fun and entertaining. 


The best erotic games for couples


When it comes to pointing out which are the best sexy games for couples, we need to review all those products that, in general, are going to be more appropriate for a full and satisfying sexual activity as a couple. Here are some of the sexy games:


  • Kamasutra Poker Game: Do you like playing poker? Well, at Zensual we suggest a spicier game, the poker game inspired by the Kamasutra. It is a game of erotic cards and whoever loses the hand does not have to pay money, but has to pay for a garment or whatever the other player wants... Hilarious! 
  • Edible body paint: If you want to raise the temperature of the evening, nothing better than to opt for this erotic game in which you will paint your body with body paint that will have flavours as sweet as vanilla. And what will you do after painting your body? Here's a tip: the paint is really delicious... 
  • Kamasutra dice and timer: Another of the best options to have a great time with your partner is this sensual game in which you will have to roll a dice and try a Kamasutra posture. In addition, you will have a specific time controlled by an hourglass... Let's get better! 
  • Erotic handcuffs: And another of the best options is to play the roles of submissive and the dominant. For this, handcuffs are a good ally, as they will provide that degree of eroticism and sensuality. Of course, you should always define the roles well and agree on them before the experience. 


There are many more sex toys that can be used as games, especially remote-controlled vibrators, which allow you to play from wherever you want with your partner. 

However, all of them can also become sexy games for couples. However, there are numerous entertainment games that can be used for more fun: sex roulette, fruit lubricants, inflatable dice, among other games. The idea is that sex becomes a moment of laughter, enjoyment and a lot of passion, without forgetting that they can also become a mechanism of seduction.

The best sexy games for parties


Sexy board games and card games are a good alternative for adult parties. They are very interesting items to spend a time of humour and excitement. Games with erotic themes are your best bet in this cae. 

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