Masturbators are perfect sex toys for self-exploration and to give your partner that touch of fun. Nowadays, they go far beyond the classic vibrator and offer different formats, sizes and functions to suit all tastes.

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Masturbators are perfect sex toys for self-exploration and to give your partner that touch of fun. Nowadays, they go far beyond the classic vibrator and offer different formats, sizes and functions to suit all tastes. 

At Zensual we want to open the door for you to buy all the masturbator options that you will find and that, perhaps, you didn't know about. Are you ready to experiment a little and let yourself be carried away by the novelty?

What types of masturbators are there?

If you want to buy a masturbator that suits your needs, it's best to get to know all the types of sex toys made for it that exist. Here we are going to explain what they are and what you can expect from them.


Vibrators are probably the best known products, as they are a classic. They are products that generally have an elongated shape and are equipped with different vibration modes so that you can experiment until you get the rhythm you like the most.

You can find them in different colours, sizes and materials, as well as different functionalities. They are usually compatible with the use of lubricants, easy to clean and hypoallergenic. These are the main vibrators you will see on the market:

  • Vibrating bullets

  • Double vibrators

  • Vibrators for couples

  • G-spot vibrators

  • Clitoral vibrators

  • Vibrators with bluetooth

  • Fleshlights

Remote control masturbators

Remote control masturbators are those devices that have a remote control to allow another person to direct the masturbation movements. They are perfect sex toys to enjoy as a couple and let yourself be carried away by creativity at all times, to devise role-playing games or the most surprising intimate evenings.

There are different types, with various sizes and formats to suit each person's taste. Some of them come with a remote control to play from different points and others even allow you to download an application to control masturbation from a mobile device.


Suckers are a real revolution among modern masturbators and are among the most popular on the market. Until relatively recently, sex toys focused on producing pleasure through the inside of the vagina by simulating penetration.

However, these devices came to stimulate the clitoris: one of the most important erogenous points in a woman's body. Many of them come with vibration and suction functionality, making them really complete products to reach orgasm. At Zensual you will also find penis suckers, so that everyone can enjoy this incredible sensation. 

Realistic masturbators

It is common to find masturbators in all sorts of shapes, sizes, different colours and the most colourful materials - variety is the spice of life! On the other hand, some people want to have the most realistic experience possible on their own.

This is why there are realistic masturbators, vibrators with an appearance that simulates that of a real penis in detail: with the colour of the skin, the shape, the texture... Some are so successful that they even integrate a heat function so that the sensation is as close as possible to an experience with a real penis. For men, one of the top products are fleshlights, which simulate a vagina or anus to boost the person’s imagination. Everyone gets to enjoy solo pleasure! 


Masturbator eggs: a sexual revolution

Masturbator eggs are probably one of the most satisfying inventions on the current scene and are gaining more and more followers. They are modern erotic toys that are very easy to use and have the ability to adapt perfectly to the anatomy of each person's vagina or anus. 

As with other masturbation products, they have different types of vibration to choose the most pleasurable at all times and many of them provide the possibility of remote control so that your partner can enjoy the toy with you.

The shape in which they are manufactured is quite particular, as they have a curvature similar to that of an egg and usually come in intense, sophisticated colours, with minimalist shapes. Thanks to this, they can go unnoticed if you want to take them on a trip or take them out of the house to have sexual encounters with other people.

As they have a comfortable and "portable" size, they can be used in many ways and not only for masturbation, what a versatile product! One of the most exciting methods is to activate the vibration and place the toy next to the clitoris while having sex as a couple.

Buy your masturbators at Zensual

All this range of products and many more are in Zensual's extensive catalogue, one of the most extensive you will find online. In our virtual sex shop you will have the opportunity to access masturbators of various brands, vibrators, lingerie, Kegel balls... probably everything you can imagine in your sexiest fantasies.

Just by browsing through the different categories you will discover the most cutting-edge erotic products with different price ranges so that you can access all of them without making large investments. 

Once ordered from our own website, your product will arrive comfortably at your home and with maximum discretion.

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