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Do you dare to get out of your routine in bed and try new and fun things? Sexy costumes can be a good option, but there is still a world full of possibilities beyond. We are talking about sexy costumes, with which you will stop being yourself, to become the character you decide.

At Zensual, we want to help you have the most fun nights of intense pleasure, and that's why we present the erotic costumes we have available and how they can help you take your sex life to the next level.


Why wear sexy costumes

Costumes are not just for Halloween! You can use this type of garment in the intimacy, along with the sexiest lingerie, to have a great time in bed with your partner. In addition, the use of these costumes has many benefits and we are going to present them to you so that you can get rid of your complexes once and for all and try them out:

  • They help you to play a very different role from what you are used to. You can be whatever you want to be, as there are no limits. Playing a role can help you bring out a more sensual side than you usually allow yourself.
  • They allow you to get out of the routine, which is one of the main reasons why some couples are unhappy. It's important to innovate from time to time and that includes sex.
  • Fun helps to reduce stress. You spend a lot of time keeping your head focused on important things, like work, home problems, finances, etc. You deserve a break of entertainment and release.
  • It generates trust and complicity between partners, which are two ingredients that can never be missing if you want to maintain a healthy relationship. Overcoming shame and fears together will strengthen the relationship.
  • It allows you to awaken your creative side, as your brain will be occupied with thoughts that are not day-to-day obligations and that will free your mind.
  • It will help you to know what you like and what your limits are. The idea of using disguises in intimacy is to bring out that part of our personality that is hidden deep inside us.


Best sexy costumes

If you want to surprise your partner with a really special sensual costume, here is a selection of the best costumes on the market. Give free rein to your imagination and try the one that catches your attention:

Sexy costume for women

These are the best sexy costumes for women that will allow you to drive your partner crazy in bed and spend an evening full of passion and magic:

  • Sexy Schooly Costumes
  • Sexy Nun Costumes
  • Sexy Nurse Costumes
  • Erotic Household Assistant Costumes
  • Erotic Bunny Costumes
  • Sexy Stewardess Costumes
  • Erotic Kitty Costumes
  • Sexy Policewoman Costumes

Erotic costume for men

These are the best sexy costumes for men that will help you raise the temperature in the bedroom to the max and play in bed like never before:

  • Sexy Waiter Costumes
  • Erotic Priest Costumes
  • Sexy Policeman Costumes
  • Sexy Arabian Sultan Costumes
  • Erotic Fighter Pilot Costumes
  • Sexy Firefighter Costumes
  • Erotic Beach Lifeguard Costumes
  • Sexy Cowboy Costumes


Buy your erotic costumes at Zensual

At Zensual we want to open your sights and help you discover all the potential hidden in each of your sexual encounters. Over time, it is normal that routine settles in the bedroom and the best way to escape it is through erotic toys and sexy clothes.

Enter our website and discover all the fun and sensual costumes we have prepared for you. You can buy them through our online shop and they will arrive in a very discreet shipment to your home, so that you can make a real surprise to your sexual partner, without him/her expecting anything.

All the items we work with are from the best brands and are made with the most caring materials for your skin

You will be able to feel comfortable, sexy, attractive and fun, through the best sexy costumes of Zensual, which one do you choose?

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