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Have you heard of Wug? This unique company is based in Spain, but it started with a brilliant idea in the United States. During the Boston Marathon, Its founder discovered that the participating Marines kept caffeinated chewing gum with their survival packs and used them in some specific missions.

After being captivated by this idea, he investigated what the properties of these products might be and in what other functions they could be useful. He found an answer, and that is that administering caffeine by chewing had much more instantaneous and interesting effects. 

From then on, Wug chewing gums were born, functional products for their consumers with incredible effects in everyday life. Do you want to know what they are? Zensual will tell you about them. 


What kind of products does Wug offer? 

Wug has focused on the development of chewing gum containing caffeine, among other ingredients. Throughout the history of this brand, they have been innovating and presenting more and more innovative products for all kinds of audiences: vegan, sugar-free, diet... a whole world of possibilities.

Drinks or supplements need to be digested and assimilated by the body, so they can take up to 40 minutes to take effect. However, when chewed, the mucous membrane of the mouth absorbs all the properties with astonishing speed. This makes its flagship product, Wug erection chewing gum, foolproof and highly attractive to consumers.


What are the advantages of Wug chewing gum?

Taking these chewing gums opens up a wide range of possibilities to the male public, as it allows them to have Wug erections whenever they decide, a dream come true!

These products have many advantages that we show you below:


  • They can improve male performance comfortably.
  • They can be taken like any other chewing gum, so chewing them is very pleasant.
  • They have an instant effect, so as not to lose the passion of the moment.
  • They contain scientifically proven ingredients that are not harmful.
  • As they are chewing gums, they are very discreet to carry one with you at all times.
  • They come in different packs, flavors and formats.
  • They have proven to be effective.

These products are revolutionizing the male performance and stamina for men business and are the most user-friendly solutions for those moments when we need a little boost. Thanks to this finding, the brand already has a number of scientific awards and recognition for its interesting work.  


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