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Rock Army is a high quality silicone dildo with a realistic design and a shape that simulates a male penis. It is considered a very interesting resource for masturbation and enjoying intimate moments of pleasure, as well as being a very practical way to enjoy sex with a completely realistic experience.

At Zensual we present all the advantages of the Rock Army and discover why it can be a great ally in your intimate life. 


Advantages of Rock Army sex toys

One of the advantages of the Rock Army is that the shape of the dildo is very realistic, to such an extent that it has a natural colour and texture that, in reality, simulates a life-size penis. The dimensions and the format offer the possibility of enjoying a product with which to have pleasure independently and whenever you want. After all, the dildo is an optimal resource for individual masturbation, without forgetting that it is considered a sex toy that can also be enjoyed as a couple.

The design is characterised by a natural and attractive appearance, as well as being made of a comfortable material to use and with a soft and pleasant texture with which, basically, you can have sex in a fun way in moments of absolute intimacy. The exterior is soft to the touch and has a solid core so that, basically, you can have a wide range of sensations inside and enjoy moments of passion while having fun.

As it is made of 100% silicone, it helps to stimulate the vagina and to have intense and long-lasting orgasms. It is precisely the softness of the product that makes it durable and resistant to everyday use. It is even considered an ergonomic dildo with a surface that slides easily inside the vagina. 

In addition, it has a suction cup that helps it to be permanently attached and can be used hands-free without the possibility of it moving or causing discomfort. It should be noted that the surface is flat and some veins are noticeable, but it is a very pleasant sensation.

Another advantage is that it can be easily cleaned, so that fluids can be removed with soap and water and makes sure that the silicone doesn’t deteriorate; however, this process can also be done through a disinfectant cleaner. 

Rock Army dildos are therefore a hygienic, functional and flexible product.


The best Rock Army sex toys

Rock Army toys can be found in different sizes and models. Depending on the format, design and dimensions, you can have a sex toy that is fun, comfortable and easy to handle. From 17 cm (6.6 in) to 22 cm (8.6 in), Rock Army dildos are all very good quality. In turn, you can find others with greater or lesser thickness, something that can be clearly noticed in the internal sensations once it penetrates the vagina; this is why the possibilities of these sex toys are multiple and really interesting to enjoy sex in a different way.

On the other hand, we must highlight other toys such as the harness for the waist in which you can place the dildo and even vibrators or rotating penises that acquire movement and generate a wide range of pleasurable sensations; in this way, you are the one who controls the level of intensity of the vibration.


Buy your Rock Army sex toys at Zensual 

The Rock Army range of products are available at Zensual, your online shop to buy sex toys and enjoy sex in an intimate and safe way. All our products are at your disposal and at a very good price. The purchase can be made easily and through a simple and secure transaction. You will receive the package at home with the sex toy quickly and directly, a very simple procedure with which you can have a Zensual product quickly at home.

The product is received confidentially, i.e. it will not be visible in the package that there is a sex toy. That's why you can be sure that the Rock Army dildos are delivered to your home in a very short time, in perfect condition and completely safe. In addition, it is necessary to add that you have the possibility to shop online at any time of the day. All sex toys have accurate and detailed information so that you have a more complete knowledge of the product you are going to buy.

In short, buy the sex toys Rock Army at Zensual, the place to buy sex products so you can enjoy a good quality dildo and with the guarantee that, basically, you are going to have very intense orgasms and a silicone penis available to be used whenever you want to have a moment of intimate pleasure.

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