Erotic toys are evolving more and more and suction toys or erotic suckers are the objects that have revolutionised the market. They are designed to give you maximum pleasure, whether you are a woman, a man, a couple or just yourself.

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Erotic toys are evolving more and more and suction toys or erotic suckers are the objects that have revolutionised the market. They are designed to give you maximum pleasure, whether you are a woman, a man, a couple or just yourself.


Here, we would like to introduce you to the best suction toys that you can find at Zensual,  our online shop. Choose the one you like the most and give free rein to your imagination.


Clit suckers: the real revolution


The clit sucker went from being the great unknown toy to a bestseller  that made all women want one. You've probably talked about it with your friends, your work colleagues, even your family, and everyone feels free to explain their experience with their clitoral suction device.


These devices have revolutionised the world of pleasure because they really are some of the most innovative and effective on the market. They come in all sizes, colours and shapes and each one of them is expressly designed to seek maximum pleasure in the female orgasm through the clitoris.


To be honest, reaching female orgasm can sometimes be difficult. There are many factors that condition us and most of the time we are more concerned about climaxing than enjoying the experience. Clitoral suckers can give you that little push you need and boost your pleasure 100% in a matter of seconds, so that the rest is as easy as pie.


Plus, it's ideal for pleasuring yourself if you're tired of traditional methods. Try it alone to discover a myriad of sensations you didn't even know you could get to.


But how does a clitoral suction device work?

If you don't know how a clit sucker works, you're in the right place. As we have mentioned before, this erotic object is one of the most effective toys and is easy to use at the same time. 


To use it, you should carefully place the suction nozzle near your clitoris and turn the device on. When it starts working you will be able to feel the pleasure it produces. Adjust the speed to your liking to find the spot that really makes you vibrate and let yourself be carried away by the pleasure.


The clitoris suckers have a shape that adapts perfectly to the hand of the person who is holding it, so it will be very easy and comfortable to use, either by yourself or by your partner.


Penis suckers and nipple suckers, another deal

Are you looking for a different vibe? Something a little more elaborate that is out of the typical and normal, of what everyone has at home. We want to introduce you to one of the latest acquisitions in our online shop. Presenting erotic toys that stimulate the nipples and penis, in the same way that the sucker does with the clitoris.


They are designed so that you can find new pleasure points, either alone or in company. Read on to find out more about each one.


Penis sucker


Men, don't worry, buying a penis sucker is not only an option for women, but now you can now choose one of the latest gadgets to hit the market, the penis sucker


Until now, men only knew about masturbators, but we could say that the penis sucker is an improved and modernised version. It consists of a vacuum system that allows you to regulate the intensity and pressure exerted on your penis, so that you can find the ideal point of pleasure for you.


You can choose the degree of pressure you want to play with and the device will offer you an intense or gentle vacuum system, depending on what you prefer, which will allow you to reach a much more intense orgasm.

Nipple sucker


The mistake that has been made for many years regarding women's sexuality is to focus female pleasure only in the vagina. But we cannot forget that there are a multitude of erogenous zones in our body that can help you feel much more pleasure in sexual encounters and reach much more intense orgasms.


The breasts, without a doubt, are one of the parts of the female body with the most nerve endings directly linked to pleasure, but we rarely stop to stimulate them correctly. 


There are women who cannot reach orgasm without nipple stimulation and some of them can only reach climax through the nipples, without stimulating any other part of the body. That is why it is important that we give the right importance to this erogenous zone that can help us to enjoy sex in all its splendour.


The nipple sucker is one of the best toys you can buy to start discovering pleasure through the nipples. It consists of a device that simulates the suction caused by the mouth on the nipples and causes the blood flow to concentrate in that area, producing a sensation of pleasure.


It causes a kind of very gentle vacuum that causes the nipples to swell and reach a higher level of sensitivity. Once the sucker is removed and you start to stimulate the breasts, the pleasure is so intense that you can climax very easily.


Discover the best suction toys at Zensual

After reading this text and learning about all the benefits that these erotic toys provide you with, you are sure to be thinking about buying a sucker today, whether it is a clitoral, penis or nipple sucker. 


At Zensual we have made a selection to show you the best ones, so all you have to do is: choose the one you feel like trying, buy it and let yourself be carried away by the pleasure, either alone or in company.


Ohmama clitoral sucker

There are many benefits of having a good orgasm: it lifts your mood, eliminates stress, gives you emotional well-being, improves blood flow, helps you sleep better, etc. That's why the Ohmama clitoral sucker is designed to help you reach your best orgasm whenever you want.


It is a device in the shape of a rubber duck, which stimulates the clitoris through waves and has 10 different speeds. It recharges via USB, to make it more comfortable for you and its material is very soft and of the highest quality.


Pump Addicted penis sucker

You can find the Pump Addicted in two different colours: transparent or opaque black, so you can choose the one you feel more comfortable with. The emptying system allows the blood to concentrate more easily in the penis, resulting in a much stronger and longer lasting erection.


Calex Vacuum nipple sucker

Two suction cups that adapt perfectly to your nipples, offering maximum pleasure. You can adjust the pressure and intensity by turning the device, so you can find the ideal spot where you feel comfortable. Remember to always use it with a little lubricant and do not wear the nipple liner for more than 20 minutes.


Satisfyer Dual Love clitoral suction device

Buy the Satifyer Dual Love, download the app and discover the endless possibilities that this sex toy offers you. The platform is free, compatible with any smartphone and is constantly updated. Thanks to it you will be able to create the patterns that you like the most in your suction device to make them repeat over and over again.


You can also link it to your Spotify so that the sound waves are transformed into vibrations in your suction device. This way your pleasure will go to the rhythm of the music and your sexual encounters will become an experience.


Fetish Fantasy nipple sucker

It's a silicone nipple sucker which is ideal for all those people who like to experiment with fetishism. It has very comfortable clamps that you must position on the nipples and through a switch activate them to provide a very pleasant vibration in the erogenous zone of your breasts.


They are made of a very soft material that is gentle on the nipples and you can pull the strap carefully to increase the intensity of the sensation.


Breeze Coper clitoral sucker

Lie quietly, take the Breeze Coper sucker that fits perfectly in your hand, let your hair down and be transported to a world where the only thing that matters is your pleasure. Your clitoris will find itself in a very soft and pleasant silicone chamber, while you choose one of the 11 available functions and let yourself go. Now also underwater.


Mia Rose clitoral suction device

Mia Rose is a powerful clitoral suction device, using energy waves, that will make you feel an orgasm in a matter of minutes. Its design is very discreet and you can always carry it in your handbag, because thanks to its rose shape, it will look like a small decorative item that you can use wherever you are.


Now you know the best suction toys on the market and how each one of them works. Take a look at our website and choose those products that will make your sex life much more fun and exciting.


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