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One of the best ways to add new elements to a couple's relationship is to learn how to play in bed. Sex games for couples can help to enjoy intimate relationships even more and to discover possible tastes or fantasies to share. 

At Zensual, your quality online sexshop, we are committed to encouraging your imagination to try new things and go a step further in your most intimate relationships. Learning more about our own body, tastes or preferences when it comes to sex is part of a therapy that can help us feel not only better about ourselves, but also to create new emotional bonds with those with whom we share each of those special and necessary moments in our lives.

Here are some good ideas of sex games for couples that are sure to stimulate you. 

Why play sex games with your partner?

Our sex life is a very important part of our daily lives. It directly affects our mood, self-esteem and, ultimately, the way we relate to others. Therefore, learning that sexual games are vital to improve our mental health is one of the first steps to remove possible taboos from our minds. 

We must learn that having sex is something natural and beneficial and that, if we also include sexual games for couples such as those that we can buy in shops or propose them on our own initiative, we will be taking a step towards better communication and a better relationship with the people that are part of our most intimate and personal life. There is nothing better than an unprejudiced and fun approach such as suggestng sexual games for two or more participants with which to spend a more than pleasant time.

And although we may all have classic games such as handcuffs, or disguises in mind , we must learn to take a leap further in search of what each of us is looking for and even learn to change roles in bed. To increase our own self-esteem and leave out complexes is one of the reasons why it is recommended to learn to play sex games as a couple.

The best sex games for couples

Although below we would like to offer some tips on how to enjoy the best sex games for couples. It is vital to remember at all times that what really matters is that you are the one who decides, after trying them out or inventing some new ones, which one best suits your sex life. If you haven't decided yet or you are embarrassed to be the one to propose it for the first time, we hope this short list will help you find the one you feel most comfortable with or, in case you feel like trying new things, find an idea that you like.

Learn to enhance and change the mood

A lot of sex play is based on heightening our senses during sex. That's why we can make use of a lot of products designed for this purpose: 

  • Creams and lubricants to increase sensations.

  • Scented candles that provide atmosphere and offer a pleasant scent.

  • Handcuffs, blindfolds, whips and other accessories to incorporate into the discovery game. 

  • Add some type of lingerie or erotic clothing to feel different.

  • Creams and other edible products can also be added to make it even more pleasurable and stimulating to taste each area of the body.

Make your fantasies come true

Many people find it stimulating to play a different role during their most intimate moments. Stepping into the shoes of a character or your own alter ego can be a way to release stress while sharing curiosities and desires. And although it can be fun to play the typical roles we all have in mind, it is always much better to go for creativity and go a step further to spend unique moments in company. 

Regardless of our sexual tastes, knowing how to change roles and accepting each other's fantasies will help us to disconnect and give ourselves completely to this new and exciting situation. In addition, we invite you to introduce changes in your wardrobe and toys to give it that new touch that will help refresh and improve your sex life.

Sex games 

Although many have stuck to the magical and complex Kamasutra, there are now plenty of games, including sexy board games for two or more participants, or even sexy card games, where you can let your imagination run wild. 

You will find erotic dice to let chance decide the next action of the other, sets with handcuffs, blindfolds and ropes to play a more dominant role, complete sets of lubricants and edible gels to add a touch of flavour to your time in company, erotic clothes and fun costumes to play the character you want or an endless number of toys to include other ways to play and enjoy sex even more.

Buy your sex games for couples at Zensual

Now that you know everything you need to know about sexy games, we invite you to take a look at our more than complete catalogue. You are sure to find one that catches your attention to try in your intimate moments.

At Zensual, your trusted online Sexshop, we are always at your disposal offering sex toys for men and women made with quality materials and with the guarantee of our trusted suppliers. You only need to make a simple click to purchase our products in the most comfortable, fast and discreet way possible. 

We ensure that your intimate fantasies remain protected from prying eyes so that you and your partners can continue to give free rein to your sexual games with the utmost discretion. In the same way, we offer you our customer service to ensure that all the products you purchase arrive at your doorstep in the stipulated time and at the best price. 

Finally, we would like to emphasise our company policy. At Zensual we are committed to always and at all times offer the most recommended products to improve the sexual life and health of all our customers. That is why our shop is only made up of quality items from renowned brands in the erotic toys sector at the best prices on the market.

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