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The realistic dildo is a sex toy that consists of an object that has the appearance of a real penis. Some of these models even have very realistic veins, as well as testicles at the base and a glans very similar to the real thing.

Types of Dildos

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Realistic dildo

The realistic dildo is a sex toy that consists of an object that has the appearance of a real penis. Some of these models even have very realistic veins, as well as testicles at the base and a glans very similar to the real thing. 

At Zensual we offer you different models that we will talk about later: from the realistic suction cup dildo to a sperm dildo, through a realistic black dildo. It is even possible to access artificial penises that are exact replicas of porn stars' penises.

Why choose a realistic dildo?

A realistic dildo is an artificial penis that looks and feels very similar to the real thing. These highly realistic models can be used by virtually anyone, whether they are gay, lesbian or straight couples. In fact, in the case of women, it is possible to attach a harness to be able to penetrate another person. 

This type of sex toys are very accessible and adapt perfectly to different sexual preferences, that's why from here we are going to indicate the different types of realistic dildos that exist so that you can get an idea of all their possibilities. 

Beginners who have never tried a toy with three characteristics before can also benefit from this toy. Thus, they will have an artificial penis similar to the male genitalia, which they will find in different thicknesses and lengths. The shape of the testicles and glans can also vary. 

Before we go any further, realistic dildos are very flexible, so that they can be easily inserted and move with the body. They are also very easy to use and do not require any special objects or actions.

Types of realistic dildo

Want to know the different types of realistic dildo? Here they are: 

  • Suction cup realistic dildo. There are models that not only stand out for their realistic appearance, but also have a suction cup at one end. It is perfect for both men and women who like to live real experiences while fantasizing and have their hands free to caress or stimulate other intimate areas. This realistic dildo can be placed perfectly on any surface, such as the floor or a chair, and fully enjoy penetration and stimulation hands-free. 

  • Strap-on Dildo. Realistic artificial penises can also be used by heterosexual, lesbian and bisexual couples. To make this possible, there are dildos with harnesses, based on very realistic models with which to obtain a very pleasurable and real penetration sensation. 

  • Anal dildos. There are also dildos that can be used for vaginal stimulation, but also others that can be used for anal stimulation. The latter have a narrower upper part in order to make penetration as easy as possible. 

  • Packer penis. The packer penis, in reality, does not fall into the category of dildos as they are not erect models. That is to say, they are compressor penises that are placed inside the underwear, more specifically in special pants that can hold it. The idea is for women who feel like men, who want to have surgery in the near future, but have not yet had the opportunity to do so.

  • Sperm dildos. Going back to the realistic dildos that serve to stimulate and enhance pleasure, we find squirting dildos, also known as sperm dildos. In this case, these sex toys are very realistic to the point that they have the ability to ejaculate. 

The idea is to fill these models with a specific liquid, such as water or a substance similar to semen. That way, you will experience a unique masturbation moment, including realistic ejaculation, just as if it were a real sexual act.

Which realistic dildo best suits your tastes and preferences?

Buy your realistic dildo at Zensual

As you have already seen, there are different types of realistic dildos and at Zensual you can find the most popular ones. Choosing between one or another will depend on your preferences, although you can always pay attention to certain factors that are key when deciding. 

If you are a bit lost and do not know which properties to take into account, contact our team and we will be happy to help you and tell you the differences between one model or another. From here we can only offer you information, although to clear up any doubts it is preferable that you call us. 

Within this category you can find sexual dildos in different colours similar to those of the skin. The pink model or the black realistic dildo, for example, are very natural, although there are also transparent models so you don't lose detail of everything the toy does. 

Most realistic dildos are made of flexible quality materials, which facilitate their movement and the fact that they can be bent. That way, we can easily insert the toy and perform all kinds of positions with it.

Whether it's silicone, latex, rubber or silaskin, any of them are easy to clean and will give you a realistic sensation. Anyway, take a look at the realistic dildos we have for sale, keep up to date with all our news and buy our products online at the best price.

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