The G-spot (named after Gräfenberg, after the German gynaecologist who discovered it) is the erogenous area par excellence in the human body and is located at different points in men’s and women’s bodies.

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The G-spot is a discovery of the gynaecologist Ernst Gräfenberg, after whom it is named after. This specific area on a woman's body, although commonly colloquially referred to as a male G-spot, causes a very intense orgasm if stimulated correctly.

It is located inside the vagina, at a distance of between 3 and 5 cm from the entrance through the vulva and situated on the frontal wall. It is alluded to as a male G-spot in the anterior part of the prostate, although this term came later as it was found to be a highly erogenous area in their anatomy.

If you haven't managed to taste the benefits of the G-spot in your sexual relations, something relatively common, you don't have to worry. The good news is that nowadays there is a large number of G-spot sex toys specially designed to stimulate this sensitive area and experiment both alone and in company, want to give it a go?

How to stimulate the G-spot with sex toys?

The G-spot in women can be found by inserting a finger inside the vagina and making light forward movements with it. It may be necessary to search a little, so experts recommend experimenting a little in that area until you find the key where you receive pleasurable sensations.

It is interesting to do this before trying sex toys, to get to know your own body a little and to go directly to the area you want to stimulate. In any case, vibrators will help you considerably to enjoy the G-spot even if you haven't tried it before.

The ideal way to stimulate this area with the help of G-spot sex toys is to opt for those that have a slight upward curvature, as this will facilitate the orientation towards this key area inside the vagina.

You won't have to look too far, as there is currently an interesting variety of them that are made to satisfy the G-spot without having to rack your brains. These are the most interesting features that you will find in the most suitable vibrators to enjoy the G-spot:

  • Curved and elongated shapes to reach the G-spot.

  • Various vibration speeds and movements.

  • Pleasant touch with silicone materials.

  • Easy to bend or change position.

  • Technological or heat functions for greater pleasure.

  • Different sizes and designs to suit your taste.

  • Waterproof and submersible.

  • Easy to clean with just soap and water.

The best G-spot sex toys

Have you already decided to try G-spot sex toys? Then pay attention, here we are going to show you the most interesting ones to stimulate the most pleasurable area of your body.


This G-spot sex toy is a massager designed to stimulate this area of the body thanks to its curved shape. It has a silicone structure that adapts very well to the body of each woman to provide a realistic, comfortable and fully satisfying experience. 

It is silky to the touch and has the ability to adapt to different positions to reach the most hidden corners. With its 10 vibration modes you will be able to find the most suitable movement for every moment and delight yourself with the most exciting session.


Satisfyer has gained great recognition in the female community for always knowing how to find the right key to pleasure. This sex toy goes one step further and innovates for ease of use thanks to a mobile application that provides the possibility of generating new movement programmes that are more personalised than ever. 

Of course, this app allows remote control for partner play and detects movement to make everything more organic than ever. In addition, its silicone shaft is very flexible and adapts to every corner of your body.


This fantastic vibrator belongs to the Official Fifty Shades of Grey collection and has been manufactured on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the brand. It provides a very realistic sensation thanks to its silicone-based composition and allows self-exploration without limits.

This G-spot sex toy offers 3 speeds and 9 different vibration modes so you can find what you are looking for to satisfy your most hidden desires and, above all, so you can find the G-spot more easily. It is fully submersible, so you can enjoy it in the shower or wherever you want without hindrance.


CALEX 10-FUNCTION RISQUE G is a California Exotics product with an elongated and robust shape that ends in a slight curvature. Its appearance is sophisticated and its shape allows access to the G-spot with astonishing precision.

Its structure is delicate and very thin, so you can take it with you wherever you want in the most discreet way. It has 10 different types of vibration so you can experiment and an integrated chip that remembers the ones you use the most and gives you the most pleasure. 


Bunnies are the great allies of feminine pleasure and have charming shapes that amuse, camouflage and delight. This model has a flexible upper head and a bunny-shaped lower part for immense pleasure. It can be bent to play with it to each woman's liking and without the risk of damaging the device, as it is designed precisely for this purpose.

These features make it easy to find the G-spot and enjoy it whenever you want. It is a waterproof product that comes with 3 different vibration modes to adjust to your needs.


Nalone offers a vibrator designed for female satisfaction that also incorporates the desired rabbit and also offers a heat function that can get a greater sense of pleasure while creating a much more realistic atmosphere in its application. 

It has very powerful motors that provide you with 7 different vibration modes so you can find the one that makes you feel intense pleasure. It is made of silicone for a very pleasant sensation and its battery will give you up to 2 hours of continuous orgasms without limits.


We finish with another product from the G-SPOT GAVYN range specially designed to stimulate the G-spot, a model full of heart-stopping curves that you can purchase in different colours according to your personal taste.

This product maintains a silky surface that is great to play with even after washing. It allows you to use a water-based lubricant so that everything flows much better, as well as facilitating the use with different positions, so you have no limits when it comes to experimenting.

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