Kegel ball

Kegel balls are not a sex toy in themselves, but have become the best system for exercising the pelvic floor and toning it in order to improve circulation, lubrication and pleasure during sex.

Below, we explain everything about this device that is so beneficial for you and we introduce you to where you can buy Kegel balls.

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Kegel balls at the best price

Kegel balls are not a sex toy in themselves, but have become the best system for exercising the pelvic floor and toning it in order to improve circulation, lubrication and pleasure during sex.

Below, we explain everything about this device that is so beneficial for you and we introduce you to where you can buy Kegel balls.

How to use Kegel balls

You can buy Kegel balls at Zensual, your trusted online sexshop and they are only effective when you are in motion, as they consist of a large ball that has a smaller ball inserted which, when in motion, hits against the walls producing a kind of vibration

This movement makes our vagina contract involuntarily and continuously, exercising to the maximum without us provoking it. As it is a continuous exercise, it is quite intense and you may feel your muscles getting tired, that is why it is advisable to start only for periods of 5 minutes a day.

You can wear them when you are sweeping the house, out walking the dog or while shopping, increasing the time progressively each day until you reach 30 minutes. This is the ideal time to work your pelvic floor without overloading it.

Silicone Kegel balls are currently the most widely used and in a short time you will see the results in your body in terms of increased libido, better natural lubrication and more intense and longer orgasms.

These are the three steps you need to follow to use Kegel balls correctly.

1- Choose the ideal size for you

Not all sizes or weights are the same, so you should choose balls that fit you perfectly, because if they are bigger than your vagina they will hurt when you insert them and if they are smaller they will not do their job properly. To determine your vaginal size, you can use the size of tampons you use as a guide.

2- Choose the amount you want

For beginners in the world of Kegel balls, it is advisable to choose a single ball that is light in weight and will start to exercise the vagina gently and gradually. When you reach a good muscle tone, we recommend that you move on to the double balls, as they are much more effective.

3- Insert them with lubricant

You should put a little lubricant on the Kegel balls so that they can enter your vagina smoothly and without causing any irritation. 

To give you an idea, Kegel balls should be placed approximately where the tampon would be, so you just need to insert them into the vagina and they will find their own ideal place.

Always make sure that the string is on the outside, as if it were a tampon, so that you can remove them easily by simply pulling it out when you have finished your exercise.

Therapeutic Kegel balls: use and benefits

We have already talked about some of the benefits related to sexual health for which buying Kegel balls and using them regularly can be beneficial: better lubrication, increased libido, more intense and long-lasting orgasms, etc. 

But the truth is that these accessories have many benefits at a therapeutic level and that they can work the pelvic floor and tone it to obtain all these results:

Postpartum recovery

During pregnancy, a woman is carrying excess weight for 9 months on the pelvic floor and during childbirth there are many fibres that are torn, so many women suffer weakness in the pelvic floor muscles during the postpartum period

This can cause them to have involuntary urine leakage and not feel pleasure in sexual intercourse, so many women who are in the process of postpartum are recommended the use of Kegel balls to regain tone and strength in the muscles of her vagina.

Treatment for menopausal women

Many women who are in the menopausal stage of their lives go to the doctor because they have urinary incontinence and cannot control the loss of fluids from their bodies.

This is due to weak pelvic floor muscles that have never been worked. All this becomes more acute when women lose their periods because they are no longer generating oestrogen and is accompanied by symptoms such as loss of collagen, vaginal dryness and deterioration of the pelvic support.

It has been proven that when these women start using this accessory on a daily basis, it takes between 3 to 6 months to regain their pelvic floor tone and therefore control urinary incontinence.

Injury prevention

There are some injuries to the pelvic floor that cause it to deteriorate and stop working properly. 

As mentioned above, one of the most common reasons for vaginal muscle injury is pregnancy and childbirth, but there are many others such as: impact sports, obesity, constipation, unhealthy daily habits or stress.

Using Kegel balls before these problems appear means that the pelvic floor is exercised and strong enough to withstand all these causes of malfunction. Therefore, we can prevent injuries to the muscles of the vagina thanks to the Kegel balls.

Vibrating Kegel balls : what are they for?

Vibrating Kegel balls, also known as Ben Wa Balls, allow you to work the pelvic floor much more efficiently, but also more intensely. While traditional Ben Wa balls use your movement to exercise the muscles, these balls cause the movement themselves so you can exercise even when you are sitting down.

The best way to use the vibrating Kegel balls is to do a gentle movement such as walking and change the intensity of the balls as your pelvic floor gets used to them. You can also try them sitting down, but it won't be as effective, as your muscles will be relaxed.

Ben Wa balls have various weights so that you can interchange them according to the process in which you find yourself training, and they also have various intensities that you can control via a remote control. On the other hand, you can choose to simply use Kegel balls in the traditional way, without turning on the vibration.

Here are some of the benefits of vibrating Kegel balls over traditional balls:

  • You can interchange the weights and choose the one that suits you best in every situation.

  • The remote control reaches up to 5 metres

  • They tone your pelvic floor without the need to move.

  • Can be used without the vibrations

  • Include several intensities and different vibration modes

  • Rechargeable via USB

  • Fully submersible in water, so you can use them in the pool or in the bathtub.

  • Improve pelvic floor health by exercising the vaginal muscles.

  • They improve the quality of sexual intercourse by making your vagina more lubricated and giving you more intense and long-lasting orgasms.

  • They offer a very soft, pleasant texture and are easy to insert into the vagina.

  • They are easy to insert and remove


Buy your Kegel balls at the best price in Zensual

Buying Kegel balls at the best price is one of the elements that will make you decide whether to buy them in a sex shop or another store, but we recommend that you only buy in specialized sites and that can assure you a good quality in their products. This is the case of Zensual, your trusted online sex shop.

At Zensual our priority is that our customers are comfortable to express their needs and help them find the product that best suits them, in this case the Kegel balls to work the pelvic floor in women.

We work with renowned brands that offer us products of the best quality and careful with your skin and body at all times, as well as always looking for the latest technology and the most cutting-edge and innovative products.

Our online sex shop has specialised products for men, women, singles and couples with items such as vibrators, sexy lingerie, erotic accessories, etc. that will make you discover another side of sex much more provocative and erotic so you can have much more pleasure.

Our staff is fully specialised in sex products and toys and can advise you correctly to find what best suits your needs, so you can live and experience to the fullest this sensory world that sex offers.

In addition, they will also advise you on which are the best Kegel balls to achieve the goals you want, and you can buy them in a pack or separately.

Sex is the most natural and physiological moment of the human race, so we recommend that you let yourself go, exploring all these items for adults specially designed to produce maximum pleasure during erotic and sexual intercourse.

Now you know where you can buy Kegel balls at the best price in our online sexshop Zensual. Take a look at our website and let your imagination run wild with all the products and toys that we suggest so you can live your sexual experiences to the fullest.

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