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It is always a good time to try new things, especially if you have good communication within the couple and, while you are at it, with quality sex toys such as Cyber Silicock.

We should not give up sharing and experiencing all kinds of sensations that can be pleasurable during our most intimate moments. Sex is synonymous with health and for this very reason we must begin to leave taboos or prejudices behind when it comes to including new elements to enjoy both in company and alone. 

So, if you still haven't decided what type of sex toy to buy, it might be worth taking a look at some of these Cyber Silicock dildos that we present to you at Zensual. Enjoy! ;) 


Top Silicock products

Among the most outstanding Silicock products that you can find on our website we would like to highlight:

  • Connor Liquid Silicone Harness

It's never too late to dare to take control or let your partner have the opportunity to change roles during your most intimate moments. This harness, made from the highest quality materials, is ideal for beginners and for those who have already enjoyed using one of these classic but equally fun and exciting toys for couples.

  • Realistic Cyber Silicock Freeman

Due to its shape and texture, this dildo is one of the brand's star products thanks to its level of realism. Designed with great detail, it will be the perfect toy to play as a couple without losing that touch of realism and, in addition, with the possibility of making other fantasies come true. It also has a wide suction cup so you can place it wherever you want and use it alone.

  • Cyber Silicock realístico control remoto MR Rick

With realistic design and quality materials, this Silicock remote control dildo will make you forget to use your hands so you can use them in other games, either alone or as a couple. It has an Up & Down rotation system and, as if that wasn't enough, it is conveniently recharged via USB. 

Benefits of buying Cyber Silicock

The brand is focused on offering unforgettable moments both alone and as a couple, so there are several advantages of buying Cyber Silicock sex toys.

The first is the quality of its materials. Without doubt, the most noteworthy of them is its liquid medical silicone, always pleasant to the touch and that quickly stores the heat so that the sensation is much more natural.

The second advantage is to have the total security that their designs meet all the realistic standards so that the toy is introduced into the game with ease.

And finally, the multiple possibilities offered by both their harnesses and their remote control dildos. 


Purchase your Cyber Silicock products at Zensual

If you want to treat yourself or give a gift to your partner, at Zensual you will find these and other Cyber Silicock brand products to make your most intimate moments a new world of sensations. 

Always with the best price and maximum discretion, at Zensual we bring these erotic toys to your doorstep so that the only guilty pleasure is not using them.

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