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Have you heard of anal relaxation lube? It is a very useful product for sexual intercourse that provides a lot of softness in vaginal penetration, but it is almost indispensable when it comes to anal intercourse. In this area of the body there is usually very little natural lubrication, so this product will help to make them much more pleasant, pleasurable and organic.

When anal intercourse takes place without a little help, it can be really uncomfortable. Without optimal lubrication, friction or rubbing can be uncomfortable for your partner, causing irritation and even pain throughout the experience. Artificial lubrication can make them more satisfactory and allow us to achieve the desired pleasure without worrying.

This is why there is a variety of erotic cosmetics on sale that are exquisite and cater to all tastes, you will be spoilt for choice! However, one of the best products is the anal relaxation lubricant that gives you extra help so that everything goes smoothly and you only have to worry about enjoying yourself. At Zensual we tell you about it. 

How to use anal relaxation lube?

Anal relaxation lube is one of the most interesting types of lube for anal intimate relationships and has the qualities you need to feel pleasure without limits, without complications and with zero discomfort. Its first function is the usual in this type of product: facilitate penetration smooth and frictionless, sliding wonderfully.

In addition, the anal relaxation agent in the lubricant has another very interesting function. It helps to relax the anal muscles so that penetration and dilation of the area is much easier. This often causes discomfort during anal intercourse because it is an orifice that is not very flexible for sexual intercourse.

Using anal relaxation lube is very simple, so it will not take away the excitement of your encounters nor will it be a complication. It is used like any other product of these characteristics, spreading it like an ointment on the genitals and making the areas involved slide better.

The soothing function is already included in the product's formula, so you don't have to do anything. Shortly after using it you will notice how the area softens and interourse starst to be much more pleasant, simple and exciting for everyone involved. All you have to do is let yourself be carried away by the pleasure.

These lubricants are suitable for anal intercourse with both men and women and provide extra fun for couples, who can practise their favourite positions without any discomfort. However, we must remind you that they are only suitable for use in this way and are not recommended for use in vaginal penetration under any circumstances, as there are other specific products for this use.

If intercourse is extended and lubrication starts to be insufficient, simply apply a little more product. Make sure you have it close by when you are at your best, as you may need an extra dose. In addition, most of these erotic cosmetics are very pleasant to use and are compatible with condoms, so that the experience is completely safe.

When your pleasure session with this fantastic lube is over, you will only have to clean the area very well with water or take a shower with soap and water. This will avoid hygiene problems or infections, something recommended in all cases, even if you don't use this type of product.

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