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Are you worried that your partner might be getting bored with every sexual encounter you have? Sex therapists have pointed out that monotony takes a huge toll on a couple's sex life. So, although each encounter may be physically satisfying, one or both of you may feel that something is missing, that everything is too mechanical and lacking in passion.

To avoid this situation and not let the desire to have sex with your partner fade away, there is nothing better than playing sexy board games. They are really hot games that will put you to the test and help you to overcome all your limits. At Zensual we’ll tell you all about it ;) 


Why should you have sexy board games at home?

And it is precisely leaving behind preconceptions and taboos in sex that it is necessary to have a selection of sexy board games that help us to warm up and get to know our partner better.

Sexy games for adults stimulate our sexual fantasies and set our imagination in motion. Sexuality resides in our brain and its stimulation is essential so that our intimate encounters are not only focused on the genital and everything acquires a mechanical and not very passionate tone.

Card games or dice games invite us to perform daring and sexy actions or try out certain positions. An ideal way to stimulate the libido and break the monotony. 


The best sexy board games

Among the best sexy board games for adults we find the following ones. 

  • Sexual dice. One of the classics of couple games, as its operation is very simple, but the most effective. The dice will indicate the position or the action.
  • Intimate mission. This sexy board game consists of hundreds of questions and activities that will help you and your partner discover your sexual tastes.
  • Sexy card games
  • Sexy roulette games
  • Dare, kiss or truth games
  • Sexual dominoes game
  • Erotic goose game
  • Truth game

A complete variety of sexy board games that will light that fire and will raise the temperature of your encounters.


Buy your sexy board games at Zensual

Sexy board games are ideal to get to know each other better and connect with your partner in a different, more fun and exciting way. An extra that makes foreplay much spicier and can be an ideal complement to sex toys.

A whole series of resources to improve our sex life in a fun and different way. In Zensual's online sexshop you can discover a great selection of erotic board games designed to meet the tastes and needs of all kinds of couples.

Don't think about it and add a spicy touch to your lives with board games such as Intimate Mission, The Erotic Party truth game, Lust, the card game, Sex Roulette or Spicy Devil, among others.

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