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Can you describe the ultimate pleasure in one word? We can, and that word is Satisfyer. This little sucker has brought a lot of fun moments, either for yourself or as a couple, so we want to let you in on all the secrets about this little sex toy.

At Zensual we have all the types of Satisfyer toys you can imagine and we believe that this object can be very helpful for you and your partner's sexual satisfaction. Next, we present all Satisfyer toys in detail, so that you too can spend endless nights of pleasure.


What are the advantages of Satisfyer as a brand?

According to comparative studies between brands of suction toys, Satisfyer is the one that gets the best reviews, because it is the most careful toy with the woman's and the man's body. All models are made with very soft and good quality materials, pleasant to the touch.

These are the advantages that you can find with Satisfyer and that made this brand become number one in the market:

  • It can help you achieve orgasm. Almost 100% of women who use satisfyer achieve climax easily.
  • It will allow you to have orgasms very quickly, for those days when you need to speed up the process and get down to business.
  • With Satisfyer you will not only have one orgasm, but you will achieve multiple orgasms.
  • It is suitable for women who have delicate skin or very sensitive clitoris, as it is gentle on the skin and its power is adjustable.
  • It is the only sex toy designed exclusively for the clitoris.
  • It will help you strengthen your pelvic floor thanks to the ability to have multiple orgasms, which will allow you to regularly exercise the area.
  • This is a great tool to help women to get to know their own body and to know which movements and areas provide them with the most pleasure.
  • It will help you to have a better lubrication to continue playing after having used the Satisfyer.


Top Satisfyer products for women

Satisfyer has become many women's best friend. There are suction devices of all kinds, either to have at home or to always carry in your handbag. In addition to suction devices, the brand has developed a series of products that are ideal for finding female pleasure. We present them to you:

  • Satisfyer Pro Rabit edition
  • Satisfyer Pro plus vibration
  • Satisfyer 1 next generation
  • Satisfyer powerful royal: vibrating ring
  • Satisfyer might one: stimulating ring
  • Satisfyer penguin
  • Satisfyer Pro Traveler
  • Satisfyer Double Joy con app
  • Satisfyer connect clitoral stimulator love triangle
  • Satisfyer Pro 2 deluxe
  • Satisfyer curvy
  • Satisfyer partner multifunction
  • Satisfyer mini vibrador
  • Satisfyer plus remote control 
  • Lubricant Satisfyer
  • Menstrual cup Satisfyer


The best satisfyer products for men

You're probably wondering: is Satisfyer also for men? The answer is clearly yes. This brand has not forgotten about people who have a penis and who want to feel maximum pleasure in each of their sexual encounters, whether alone or as a couple. We present them to you:

  • Satisfyer lubricant for men: neutral or with warming effect
  • Satisfyer male sleeve chambers of pleasure
  • Satisfyer men masturbator with heat vibration
  • Satisfyer classic masturbator for men


Buy your Satisfyer toys at Zensual

After reading all the options offered by this brand, both for men and women, you must be eager to buy your satisfyer right now. Well, we make it easy for you, because in Zensual you will find everything you need and always at the best price. So you do not even have to leave home to buy the best Satisfyer sex toys.

At Zensual we are your trusted online sex shop, because we allow you to buy the items and products you want without losing discretion and privacy. You will not have to enter a sex shop, with the embarrassment that this may imply and, in addition, your packages will arrive home without any kind of distinctive that can give you away.

On our website you will find all kinds of products from the top brands on the market and you can rest assured when you buy them, as they have gone through a strict security and quality test before offering them to our customers. You will receive your products between 24 and 48 hours after your order and you will always pay in an encrypted and totally secure way.

Do not hesitate to ask us any questions you may have, as our experts will be happy to answer you and help you find the item that best suits your needs or your new desires.

Now that you know all of Satisfyer’s secrets you are ready to feel the maximum pleasure in every sexual encounter. Let the bed become your new laboratory and don't be afraid to try Zensual products, as some of them may surprise you and take you to new levels of ecstasy. Dare you try this experience?


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