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Sex toys can help you discover new aspects of your intimate life that you didn't know about before. They can also help you find new erogenous zones that will make you experience new types of pleasure, both alone or in company.

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Sex toys at the best price

Sex toys can help you discover new aspects of your intimate life that you didn't know about before. They can also help you find new erogenous zones that will make you experience new types of pleasure, both alone or in company.

Below, we tell you where you can buy sex toys at the best price and which ones are the most used by users.

The best sex toys for women

Female pleasure is a whole sensory world that is not easy to decipher. Therefore, it will be very useful to use sex toys for women that help you find those erogenous points that stimulate pleasure in women.

There are many sex toys to choose from and it may be that when you go into a sexshop you leave more lost than before, so we leave you with a compilation of the most important ones so that you can do your homework at home.


Vibrators or vibraters are the female sex toy par excellence. It is a device that simulates the male penis, but provides a vibration with waves that change intensity, depending on the current need of the woman.

These vibrators are controlled by a button or a remote control and can be used alone or as a couple to reach the ecstasy of female pleasure.

Clit suckers

Suckers have become the most widely used female sex toy in recent years. They are an infallible resource to reach orgasm in a matter of minutes or to increase pleasure and discover new sexual sensations.

This intimate toy directly stimulates the clitoris, acting as an effective massage in the most erogenous area of the woman. Clit suckers have several speeds that you can alternate depending on the intensity with which you feel like playing.

G-spot stimulators

The G-spot is one of the erogenous zones that gives women the most pleasure, as it also stimulates the clitoris. In addition, a completely different sensory part of the woman's brain is activated than when only the clitoris is stimulated.

These G-spot stimulators have a curved tip specifically designed to act in the form of movement and vibration on this point, so that it is stimulated and orgasms can be much more intense.

Kegel balls

Kegel balls (or Ben Wa balls) are one of the best-know sex toys for women used to strengthen the vagina and pelvic floor and thus achieve more intense and longer-lasting orgasms. You should use them every day for a short time while you are on the move and you will notice the results after a short time.

Orgasm enhancer

This is a gel of which you should apply a few drops and spread them all over your vagina. This will dilate your genitals so that you have more pleasure during sex or masturbation and you can have a much more intense and long-lasting orgasm.

The best sex toys for men

Male pleasure is a subject that has been given little importance, but there is life beyond masturbating with your hands alone. And we need to get rid of the stigma that still exists about using male sex toys once and for all.

Sex toys for men can help you enjoy sex more, either alone or as a couple. That's why we want to present you with a compilation of the best ones, so you can choose the sensation you want to try.

Oral masturbator

The oral masturbator, or fleshlight, is an erotic toy for men that perfectly simulates a mouth having oral sex with the male penis. It should be used with a little lubricant to make the sensation more realistic and to enjoy more intense and exciting orgasms.

Fisting dildo

This type of dildo simulates a life-size hand for all those men who want to start experimenting with the pleasure of their G-spot through fisting, both alone or in company. It should always be used with plenty of lubricant and stop when you feel pain.

Masturbator egg

To use the masturbator egg, simply remove the packaging and apply plenty of lubricant: it will do the rest. Its ribbed inner layer will allow you to experience new masturbation sensations and make your orgasms more intense through the stimulation of the entire member.

Vibrating fleshlight

These sex toys for men simulate a vagina and when the penis is inserted it begins to vibrate in a way that stimulates the entire member so that the orgasm is much more intense and you can even discover new pleasures.

Enjoy sex toys for couples

Sex as a couple can become monotonous over time and you need to rekindle the spark of pleasure so that the bed can once again become the place where you want to spend more hours together.

There are many types of sex toys for couples and we want to leave you with some of the most relevant ones so that you can talk about it calmly and give a new twist to your love relationships.

Anal toys

Anal sex is no longer a taboo among couples and it is already practised in a natural way, both in homosexual and heterosexual couples. 

But it is true that sex through the anus has some difficulties and that is why it is necessary to be able to help you with sex toys that will make this experience much more pleasurable for both the man and the woman.

You can find erotic anal toys such as dilating or decorative plugs, anal dildos, special lubricants, anal Kegel balls or even remote-controlled vibrators.

Satisfyer partner

This is a male vibrating ring and a female satisfyer that work together as a couple to stimulate the erogenous zones of both at the same time, so that you can both climax together and play at stimulating each other.

Vibrating egg with remote control

If you like to play in public, this vibrating egg is the best option, as the woman will have it inserted inside her vagina and her partner will have control of the remote control and will be able to turn it on and off whenever he feels like it, to see the reactions it provokes.

These vibrators are waterproof, so you can even use them underwater, allowing your imagination to run wild.

Erotic foreplay set

With this set you will reach ecstasy practically without touching and discovering what the mind is capable of doing with your sexual appetite. You will have a blindfold, a whip, dice to discover the position and place, nipple shields, gag, vibrator and rose petals.

Sexy lingerie

Sexy lingerie is the best way to start stimulating pleasure even before the sexual encounter. Play with foreplay before intercourse through these clothes that make your head travel much further and find stimulation through thoughts and imagination.

Oral sex candy

These candies will fill your mouth with freshness and flavour so you can have oral sex with your partner and make them feel a world of new sensations

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