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Feeling sexy and want to show it in bed while having fun? Well, it's very easy to do, you just need to get hold of some of your corsets and bras. If you still don't have any in your wardrobe, we don't know what you are waiting for to enhance your body to the maximum and make your partner go crazy just by looking at you.

Zensual is your trusted sexshop and we know that sexual health is very important to enjoy a good quality of life. Games and erotic clothes are a very important point to achieve and that is why today we want to introduce you to our corsets and bras that will become your best allies in the bedroom.

Why use corsets and bras?

Corsets and corsets are a type of tight-fitting sexy lingerie that is used to enhance the figure and create a much more attractive and seductive appearance. There are several reasons why you should have these garments in your wardrobe and wear them at the right time. Let us introduce them to you:

Enhancing the figure

As mentioned, a sexy corset is designed to fit the body shape and enhance curves. By compressing the torso, it creates a slimmer appearance and accentuates the waist.

Boost confidence

People feel more self-confident when they look well-dressed. A sexy bra can help boost your self-esteem and make you feel more attractive. This can have a positive impact on your sex life and overall confidence.

Adding variety to your sex life

Wearing an erotic corset in your sexual encounters can be an exciting way to add variety and creativity to your sex life with your partner. Wearing erotic clothing can become a role play, a power play or simply a way to explore new sexual fantasies.

Feeling of exclusivity

When we wear an erotic bra or other sexy lingerie sets, we feel exclusive and special. These items of underwear are often associated with good quality. Therefore, wearing a corset or bra can make you feel more special and desired.

Types of corsets and bodices

There are many types of sexy corsets and bodices and each of them has specific characteristics. We show them to you so that you can choose the one that best suits you:

  • Classic corset: The classic corset is the most common type of corset and fits the body shape, compressing the waist and enhancing the curves.
  • Corset: The corset is a shorter variant of the corset, which fits over the upper torso and can be worn as a garment instead of underwear. 
  • Lace corset: The lace corset is the lightest and most elegant corset.
  • Latex corset: The latex corset is made of rubber materials and fits the body very well. It has a shiny and attractive look.
  • BDSM CorsetBDSM corsets are used in the context of domination practice. It is designed to restrict mobility and increase the feeling of submission. It can be made of materials such as leather and have additional elements such as metal rings and straps.

Difference between corsets and bustiers

We often tend to present all sexy clothes in the same section, but not all pieces belong to the same category. For example, do you know the difference between corsets and bustiers? Let us explain it to you!

Sexy corsets

In the past, the corset was used as underwear, but nowadays it is used more as an outer garment. 

This is a garment made up of many pieces and reinforcements, which aims to mould to the figure of the wearer and enhance their curves. The corset always ends at the hip, adapting to the waist.

Sexy bustiers

The bustier is a tight-fitting garment that was mainly used in regional costumes. 

It is a sleeveless garment that is tied at the front with laces or buttons. This bustier covers the entire torso and reaches to the waist or a little below if the shape of the hips is to be softened.


  • Bustier corset: This corset is similar to the classic corset, but focuses mainly on enhancing the bust, leaving the hips to one side.
  • Leather bustier: This garment is very popular in the fetish fashion scene and is

Buy your Corsets and bras at Zensual

At Zensual we adapt to the needs of our customers, that's why on our website you will always find the most innovative sex toys and garments. We believe that erotic outfits are a good way to increase pleasure and excitement in a sexual encounter and that corsets and bras are the best garments to achieve your goals.

Take a look at our website and discover the best sexy outfits. Choose the size you prefer and, in a very discreet delivery, you will have them at home quickly and effectively. Try them on and if they don't fit your needs or the size doesn't match your body, you can request an exchange without any problem.

Add a little spice to your sex and start experiencing maximum pleasure and sensations in bed with these corsets and bras from Zensual.

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