Dildos have been around for many years, there was even a time when their use was linked to a great taboo. Today we know all the benefits they provide: pleasure, self-esteem, health, a new found spark with your partner and more.

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Dildos have been around for many years, there was even a time when their use was linked to a great taboo. Today we know all the benefits they provide: pleasure, self-esteem, health, a new found spark with your partner and more. 

They have so much to offer that, at the moment, we are experiencing a real boom in sex toys. Thus, a large number of users decide to try them out by comfortably buying the latest novelties on the internet.

At Zensual we tell you all about these sex toys and the possibilities they offer to improve your sex life, so you can buy a dildo and enjoy it without limits!

What is a dildo?

dildo is an erotic toy that is traditionally shaped like a penis and is used to provide pleasure both in masturbation and in sexual relations with other people. 

For a long time it was associated with solo female intimate activity, but the reality is that it has many uses. And, nowadays, you will find models specially designed for women, for men, for couples, for stimulation of specific points… The possibilities are endless.

Including a dildo in your sex life will provide you with a great number of benefits, which is why its use is so widespread nowadays. As well as giving you immense, highly personalised, risk-free pleasure, it can also reactivate passion in your partner, promote self-knowledge and improve your mood.

Thanks to the wide range of dildos for sale on the market, you won't have trouble finding the best choice for you to buy a dildo at Zensual. You just have to know your possibilities and start having fun trying out the ranges that most appeal to you, go ahead!

What types of dildos are there?

To find the sex toys that best suit your tastes and needs, it is essential to know what types of dildos exist, there are certainly more than you thought! Below, we tell you more about the different types of dildo you can buy and what special features they have.

Anal dildo

The anal dildo is the one designed to be inserted into the anus and is usually made for men. It is different because both its shape and its functions are adapted to this part of the body and seek to provide the maximum possible pleasure by stimulating the nerve endings in this area. A fantasy come true: want to give it a go?

These are their usual characteristics:

  • Soft texture for a good experience.

  • Compatible with lubricants.

  • Hypoallergenic and safe.

  • With curved shapes that favour anal insertion.

  • With different colours, functions and sizes.

Female dildo

Dildos for women adapt to the needs of a woman's body and stimulates her most erogenous points. It usually has different vibration formats, sizes and shapes to satisfy all kinds of tastes. It is common to include interesting complementary accessories, for example, clitoral stimulators for a complete experience.

These are their most common features:

  • With different vibration styles and rhythms.

  • Some models with suction cups to attach to surfaces.

  • Compatible with lubricants and other accessories.

  • In different sizes and shapes.

  • With pleasant materials such as silicone or latex.

Double ended dildo

The double ended dildo has two dildos and usually comes with a complementary harness. One stimulates the wearer and the other stimulates the partner, a perfect solution! It is ideal for same-sex relationships or to let your imagination run wild in all kinds of intimate practices.

These are its usual characteristics:

  • With different speeds to choose from.

  • With accessories to use them together or with a harness.

  • In various sizes and colours.

  • With curved shapes for better stimulation.

  • Easy to disinfect and clean.

Large dildos

Are you the type of person who needs a lot of stimulation to have a really good time? Huge dildos are the answer for people like you and there is a whole range of them with different colours, shapes and functionalities. These are toys with very large sizes that satisfy the most demanding.

These are their most common characteristics:

  • Solid format for powerful stimulation.

  • Larger sizes than normal dildos.

  • Suitable for vaginal and anal use.

  • With different shapes, widths and lengths.

  • Compatible with some lubricants.

Realistic dildo

There are people who want to make the experience of masturbation or partner play as close to reality as possible. To make these fantasies come true, there is the realistic dildo that offers a shape and texture very similar to that of a real penis. The experience becomes very authentic when you have a quality toy of this type.

These are its usual features:

  • With shapes and colours that mimic the real thing.

  • Soft materials for a real texture.

  • Some have a heat function for a realistic temperature.

  • With details such as veins and shading.

  • In various sizes and skin tones.

Vibrating ring

The vibrating ring is ideal for partnered sex with an extra exciting ingredient. It is placed around the man's penis and emits very pleasurable vibrations that can be operated as desired. This provides new sensations for both lovers.

These are its usual features:

  • Stimulates the perineum and clitoris simultaneously.

  • It is usually remotely controlled for better control.

  • Massages the testicles.

  • Enhances the orgasm of both partners.

  • Can be used alone.

Wireless dildo, with harness and vibrating egg, options for everyone

If this is not enough for you, we want to open up a whole new world of possibilities. There are dildos that are different in format, accessories or design and that go beyond imitating the natural penis. Take a look at these interesting alternatives that we suggest.

Wireless dildo

Wireless dildos are the most recommended to play with your partner or to give a little spark to the sex life of married couples. These toys allow one person to insert the dildo and the other to remotely control it. This gives rise to many different types of games, to experiment, to try, to seduce... everything you can think of.

These are their most common features:

  • They have a remote with different types of vibration.

  • Suitable for vaginal and anal stimulation.

  • With different shapes and sizes to choose from.

  • Most of them are battery operated.

Strap-on dildo

The strap-on dildo is one that can be attached to the body and allows one person to stimulate another with it. This toy gives rise to a great number of possibilities such as fantasising about role-playing or practising a different form of pleasure in same-sex couples.

These are its usual features:

  • They have a harness that adapts to different bodies and sizes.

  • They offer the possibility of attaching them to other fixed places without the need of another person.

  • They can be machine washable for good hygiene.

  • They can be used separately for times when you do not want to use the harness.

  • Suitable for men, women and all types of couples.

The vibrating egg

If you want to buy this dildo, you should know that it differs from all the others because it does not have the exact shape of a penis, but looks more like an egg, as its name suggests. Its design makes it a perfect accessory to take anywhere discreetly and it usually comes with a remote control so that no one notices that your partner is in control.

These are its usual features:

  • A slightly smaller size than other dildos.

  • Soft texture to insert and take anywhere you want.

  • With a remote control for someone else to operate it.

  • Compatible with some lubricants.

  • Discreet design to take to other places or travel.

Buy your dildos at Zensual

In our online sex shop Zensual you will find all these dildos ranges and some more surprises. A catalogue with all the models of your choice, to improve your intimate experiences and enjoy them both alone and with your partner. The purchase is very simple and is sent to your home in the most discreet way possible so that no one else knows the surprises that are inside your package.

You will also be able to find the best price for the dildo you want, as we work with several ranges and we often have different offers that will seduce you. All our products have all the health and safety regulations so that you can enjoy them without worrying about anything, with the peace of mind you are looking for.

How does it work?

Buying dildos at Zensual is very simple and totally protects your privacy. All you have to do is browse through the sections to buy the dildo that best suits your needs and look through the different categories to choose something new. Once you've decided on the item you can pay online in an encrypted and secure way.

Your sex toys will be delivered to your home or wherever you prefer, packaged without any distinctive logos or branding to identify what's inside. What's more, we deliver quickly across Europe in just 24 - 48 hours, so you have no excuse!

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