Handcuffs and Masks

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Sex toys are a good tool to awaken passion in a couple. When looking for new alternatives to achieve pleasure, it is necessary to turn to those resources with which, precisely, the common routines that we usually have in bed are broken. Broadly speaking, it is a way of rekindling passion and achieving better sexual health in the couple.


In this sense, it should be noted that handcuffs and masks can be some of the most popular sexy games among couples and that they can offer a new way of having sex that includes humour, mischief and eroticism. 


How to use erotic handcuffs in bed


Sex handcuffs can be adapted to all kinds of formats. Simply place them on the wrists of the person who is to be handcuffed. From there, they are closed, locked and hooked to the headboard of the bed whenever possible or to any element where the thread can be closed. In this way, the person is handcuffed and without the possibility of being able to escape, something that can help to awaken even more passion by being subdued and imprisoned.


A key is required to open and close the handcuffs. In addition, they do no harm, as they are cushioned with a soft material that will not cause injury or discomfort during intercourse. This is why they are also commonly known as furry handcuffs. In addition, it is important to note that erotic handcuffs can be used regularly and adapt to any type of hand.


Apart from furry handcuffs, there is another model that is mainly aimed at a more daring and courageous public. These are the BDSM handcuffs. They are made up of two leather wristbands that will subject the person to an effective capture and can even be hooked up to a neck strap and other ankle cuffs. They become, therefore, an alternative to the typical traditional handcuffs.


What are sex masks for?


When it comes to sex, it is possible to create stories or simulate certain situations using sex masks. They hide part of the face and create a different image. Although they allow you to keep a little more intimacy, they also help to generate a certain eroticism by transforming the original image of your face. For this reason, the erotic mask is a good solution for sexual encounters in which the flame of passion is intended to be much more fanned.


Sexual masks are also used to get out of the routine and leave aside the stress of the day. It is a way to bring out the wild side that you have inside and find another alternative to the common sexual practice. In addition, it helps to give free rein to fantasy and to gain greater complicity with your partner. There is nothing better than playing in bed, having fun and finding a solution to boredom. 


In fact, sex masks encourage creativity, that is, they allow the couple to create fantasy stories and a better quality of sex life is achieved; in fact, it can encourage activity and more regular intercourse. The idea is that you get more excitement and the feeling that you are doing something different. All this can be really useful if you want to improve your sexual relationships.


Buy your handcuffs and erotic masks at Zensual 


Zensual is an online sexshop where you can buy handcuffs and sex masks. You have a wide range of products made of high quality materials and resistant to the passage of time. There are different models and multiple options that will undoubtedly inspire you to choose the model that can excite your partner the most. All the resources that are in stock can be purchased online and are delivered to your home quickly and efficiently.


The quality of the products is something to take into account. Zensual guarantees that the handcuffs and masks offer high performance and incomparable durability. They become a good solution to improve sexual activity in a couple. Depending on desires and needs, there are numerous models of handcuffs and a large number of eye masks for personal delight. Pleasure can be enhanced through sex toys with which even more excitement and orgasms can be achieved.

We invite you to take a look at all our products and make the purchase of handcuffs and erotic masks with affordable prices and suitable for the enjoyment of the couple.

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