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Have you tried flavoured lube? Sexual relationships can be the most pleasurable when there is chemistry, we are with a person we are attracted to and, in addition, there is good lubrication. This last aspect can sometimes fail, but it is the easiest to solve thanks to the lubricant products manufactured by specialised brands.

Among all the varieties you will find at Zensual there is one that is especially fun:  flavoured lube. These products give that special touch to relationships and leave a good taste in your mouth when you enjoy oral sex, plus, you can taste different sweet or fruity varieties, yum! 

The best lube flavours

Haven't you tried edible flavoured lubricants yet? These allow you to explore all parts of your partner's body with all five senses and leave an exquisite taste. There are flavours of lube to choose from so you can pick your favourites or buy different proposals and have fun making a very racy tasting.

Take a look at the best flavours and start choosing your favourites:

  • Strawberry flavour. Ideal for the wildest moments, the delicious strawberry flavour.
  • Banana flavour. A fruity experience with edible banana lube.
  • Vanilla flavour. Leave room for dessert with the vanilla flavour, all sweetness.
  • Coconut flavour. An exotic evening with coconut lubricant ready to use with whomever and wherever you want.

Top brands that manufacture flavoured lubes

The most specialised brands in this type of products are those that have lubricants of various styles, such as those with a retardant effect, heat or flavours. Some of them have a wide variety of tastes and present high quality lubricants so that they never fail at the moment of truth.

One of the most interesting and popular ranges is Durex flavoured lube with delicious flavours such as strawberry or cherry. Initially, this manufacturer specialised in the production of condoms, but nowadays it is a benchmark in the world of lubrication and is constantly launching new products, you won't want to miss them!

On the other hand, the MixGliss brand also has very seductive proposals such as the original citrus lubricant. Eros delights you with its cherry version and the ID Frutopia brand will surprise you with its mango lubricant: you won't be short of good options.

Buy your flavoured lube at Zensual

Do you want to buy your edible lube from the best brands and with all the discretion you need? Thanks to  Zensual, our online sex shop, you will have the opportunity to access all the varieties you can imagine in just a few clicks and make your purchase without leaving home. All you have to do is browse through the categories and decide which flavours you want to try.

In a very short time, you will receive your order at home or wherever you prefer, without any kind of distinctive sign so that no one knows the contents of the package. You will have all the guarantees and you will have access to an endless amount of erotic products, so that you can try new experiences, let the fun begin!

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