Numbing lube

Have you heard of numbing lube? Anal sex is one of many couples’ favourite practices due to the large number of nerve endings we can find in the anus. For both men and women, the pleasure is exquisite, so more and more people want to feel this sensation in bed.

But the truth is that the anus is a very sensitive area that does not lubricate itself, that's why, sometimes, anal sex can hurt, but no more pain thanks to numbing lube! From Zensual we want to explain all the secrets of this erotic cosmetic.

What are numbing lubes used for?

There is a wide variety of anal lubes and among them is numbing lube. The function of these anal numbing lube is exclusively for anal sex, as it is not advisable to use an ordinary vaginal lubricant for this experience.

Using this type of lube will allow you to enjoy a much more pleasant experience when you want to have anal sex. This comfort will be felt by you and also by your partner, so it will become a moment of shared enjoyment in which you will let yourselves be carried away by the reins of pleasure.

The person receiving the penetration will not feel any uncomfortable pain, thanks to its anaesthetic function; nor will he or she be in danger of the skin tearing or breaking in the anal cavity, due to its strong lubricating effect, which helps dilation.

In other words, if you are thinking of having anal sex with your partner, it is important that you have numbing lube at hand so that the experience is 100% pleasant and you end up wanting to repeat it.

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