Alt COLLECTION A new world of sensations ♡ Discover the wonderful Satisfyer effect ♡ I WANT IT COLLECTION A new world of sensations ♡ Discover the wonderful Satisfyer effect ♡ I WANT IT

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Sex toys for everyone

The most recognized brands worldwide, for vibrators, massagers, cock rings and G-spot stimulators, are presented in the most original and fun designs, with their ergonomic and sensual shapes, soft textures medically tested, and motorized vibration technologies, that are designed to pleasure any couple, man, or woman, who feel like they want to change their lives enjoying new feelings and a lot of pleasure during those explosive orgasms. Zensual, your trusted online sexshop, offers you the possibility to experience several adventures full of romance, bringing you both to intense feelings during climax. True to the motto "Sex makes you happy and healthy", our Online Sex Shop has everything you need, with endless possibilities, for a more pleasurable love life.

For example, would you like an intimate couple's massage?.... aromatic candles to recreate a special and totally sensual atmosphere, mix the aromas and colours with essential oils to enjoy a magical world created for two; but the best massage made with love, must also be exquisite, that's why Zensual offers you natural massage candles, specially designed to feel the softness of the wax, which is poured as softening and moisturizing oil on the skin in your online sexshop. Thanks to their seductive essences, they provide a feeling of harmony and happiness, while stimulating those sensitive areas with the warmth of a uniquely erotic fusion.



As its name suggests, is an exclusive online sex shop that opened its doors to offer people with avant-garde style, a selection of high-quality erotic products, medically approved, and for several styles, within a catalogue of sex toys full of surprises, which distinguishes the most renowned brands. Our singles and couples, who live a contemporary and glamorous life, will find in Zensual’s our Sexshop OnLine, besides vibrators, sexy lingerie or Kegel balls, and a lot of exciting erotic accessories to discover a new love life and a lot of pleasure.

Zensual’s mission, and that of our sex shop, is to satisfy its customers, thanks to the professional team specially trained to advise with their experiences those who wish to live and explore their love life. Let yourself go for a moment and feel your deepest instinct, exploring the best products on our online erotic shop, specially designed for stylish adults, who have an open mind to feel the greatest of pleasures with a lot of eroticism.

Zensual online sex shop’s philosophy is clear: we offer erotic products with class for those adults who want to take pleasure to new levels with innovative, seductive and, above all, high quality accessories. 

In our online sexshop you can find all the erotic toys and accessories you need to enjoy your sexuality more and in better ways, at your own pace and completely free. 

In our erotic shop you will only find what is truly appropriate for your sexual practices and we never recommend toys that could be dangerous or harm your health. 

All the accessories and sex toys that you will find in our online erotic shop have been carefully chosen for their quality and sensual design. Other online sex shops take into account other factors such as demand or the visual appeal of the products. 

Our online erotic shop is committed to quality/price in all erotic products. We have our own identity and for this reason we are committed to offer erotic toys for all tastes, sexual preferences and types of relationships that exist. 


Satisfyer PRO 2+

For multiple and more intense orgasms. Satisfyer Pro 2 next generation vibration stimulates the clitoris without contact, with shockwaves and exciting pulsations for even more pleasure. Get it in our online SexShop. .

Ensuring an intense G-spot massage, the ELISE™ 2's two ultra-powerful motors are positioned at the tip and base to give you the most intense intimate experiences imaginable. Find it in our online erotic shop.

If you want to enhance your relationships as a couple, our Satisfyer vibrators for couples are the answer. The multifun partner is the most recommended for stimulating both partners in different areas: from the G-spot, the penis and perineum.

We only offer the best brands

Adult pleasure is serious business, and that's how we take it at Zensual. That is why in our sex shop online you will only find brands that work with approved high quality materials and that have been clinically and dermatologically tested, so you can enjoy pleasure without having to worry about anything else. How about you? Do you know the best brands in our erotic shop? Discover them.  

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In our online sex shop we offer a range of products for men, women and all gender spectrums, in order to improve your sexual relations, either in company or alone. In Zensual, our online erotic shop, we offer products of the highest quality, so we only work with brands of erotic toys, sexy lingerie and others who can guarantee that the erotic products we offer to our customers are of exceptional quality. Discover our online SexShop’s bestsellers and find out why everyone wants them at the best price!

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An erotic shop with more than 10.000 erotic toys

Quantity and quality: that's Zensual. Choose from thousands of erotic toys online that have been tested by experts to verify their viability as a sex toy but that also fulfil exactly the function you need during your moments of pleasure. 

At Zensual we have erotic products that enhance anybody’s intimate relationships in a healthy, exciting and consensual way. For this reason, in our Erotic Toys and pleasure accessories shop you will find the best products of the highest quality, stylish and the newest on the market. 

Do you want to get to know some of the products you will find in our sex shop up close? Here are just a few examples: 

Male masturbators have come a long way in recent times. Today we find new materials, technologies and more innovative designs that bring them closer to the male public and improve the offer full of alternatives to the classic dolls, already outdated. Naturally, current developments have made them more attractive sex toys.

From their darkest years where nobody knew about this sex toy to being a must-have in every drawer around the world. Many people have heard of the clit sucker, which has been a great revolution in female pleasure, but did you know that there are more options? That's right, and is that among our range of sexual suckers you will also find nipple suckers, as well as penis suckers, so that everyone can enjoy this incredible revolution within the erotic shops online. 

Ben Wa balls or Kegel balls have been another great revolution in the world of erotic toys and sexuality. They help women to strengthen their pelvic floor by performing Kegel exercises. The problem we have is that the lack of information when we know how to buy and choose the right one is that we can choose the best one for pelvic floor strengthening exercises, Ben Wa or Kegel exercises. They work with a mechanism consisting of one or two balls connected by a cord, generally used to train a weakened pelvic floor. Not only this, but nowadays we also find versions of this accessory with vibrating balls. If you want to try them, you will find them in our online sexshop. 

Have you already decided on the sex toy you want? Remember that at Zensual you will not only find quality, but we can also offer you erotic toys at the best price online. 

Take care of yourself, love yourself, enjoy and, above all, be Zensual. 

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