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Lube is often used for pleasure as well as for other sensations. Many people think that lubricant is only used for women who do not lubricate naturally. However, it goes beyond that. 

At Zensual we are going to talk at length about this product so that you know when to use it and the types of lubricants that exist so that you can choose the most suitable one for you. In any case, we can tell you that lube is an incredible option to improve the quality of your sexual encounters.


What is a lube for? 

The body's natural lubrication decreases as the years go by. What happens then is that the mucous membranes of both the anus and the vagina dry out, which can have a very negative effect on sexual intercourse. For this reason, it is advisable to use lube to facilitate sexual intercourse

Sexual lube is a product that facilitate sexual intercourse with and outside the couple. Their main purpose is to increase pleasure and there are various reasons for using this product in intimate relations: 

  • Problems with natural lubrication. Women may have problems with natural lubrication. Vaginal dryness can be caused by various factors, such as hormonal changes, menopause, certain medical treatments or certain contraceptives. In any of these cases, lubricant is an essential element to promote pleasure in sexual relations. 
  • Anal sex. Intimate gels are a magnificent ally to be able to experience anal sex without any problem. We are talking about a delicate area that must be effectively dilated and well lubricated to give rise to a pleasurable intimate relationship.
  • Size of the male member or female sexual organ. There are different conditions in the size that can make sexual intercourse difficult. Lube will allow penetration, putting an end to any kind of discomfort produced when the penis is quite large or the vagina narrow. 
  • Sex toys. Lube is not only used to enhance pleasure in sexual intercourse with a partner. It is also possible to use it alone during masturbation or when using sex toys, which can be done alone or in company. 
  • Fun. This type of product contributes to improving sex as a couple. However, thanks to the fact that there are different types of lubricant gels, it is possible to use them in sexual games, to enjoy foreplay more with their help and to discover a new world full of sensations.


Types of lube that exist

When it comes to buying a lube, it is necessary to bear in mind that there are different types to choose the most suitable one according to the couple's tastes or depending on the situation in question. Whatever the case may be, we are going to explain them to you so that you have a clearer idea: 

  • Water-based lube. Water-based lubricant is an intimate gel that stands out for being soft, light and easy to clean. It is perfect to be used in vaginal sex as well as in oral or anal sex. You may have heard that this lubricant evaporates more quickly, but the solution is quite simple: you just need to add a little more. In return you get an effective lubricant, which you can also find in different scents and flavours.
  • Silicone-based lube. This type of lube has a very smooth texture and as it is not sticky at all, it makes intercourse much easier, which is why many couples opt for it. They are quite long-lasting and are the most suitable for anal sex, although they can also be used for oral and vaginal sex. 
  • Oil-based lube. Oil-based lubricant is made from vegetable fat and is not compatible with latex condoms. For this reason, when it comes to preventing sexually transmitted diseases, it is not the most advisable.


In our catalogue we have a good selection of high quality lubes that are created to stimulate erogenous zones and other parts of the body. In addition to taking into account their greater or lesser durability, it is important to know that you have some interesting options to experience spectacular sensations

This is the case of thermal lubes that provide hot or cold sensations and can be applied to any erogenous zone except the vagina. There are also stimulating lubes that can be applied directly on the clitoris, as well as edible lube with very appetising flavours that can be easily spread over the body to be licked. There are also numbing lube, which when applied to the mucous membranes of the penis, the anus or the outside of the vagina, give way to a smoother penetration due to their anaesthetic effect


How to use lube

When it comes to using them, they all work in a similar way. Simply apply a small amount of intimate gel to the palm of your hand and lubricate the desired area of your body with it. Lube can be used alone, in complete intimacy, or together with your partner. Thanks to its safe composition, you can lubricate the labia and vulva, or in the case of men, massage the perineum or the area between the scrotum and the anus. 

Intimate gels stimulate and it is possible to choose some with flavours, with ecological components to help maintain the balance of the vaginal flora or even with an anaesthetic effect to grant painless penetrations. Whatever the case, we encourage you to discover a new dimension of pleasure and experience unique sensations. 


Which is the best lube?

Water-based and silicone-based lubes are completely safe and can be in contact with the intimate area without any problem. However, some people use unsafe homemade options that can cause condoms to break, leading to intimate infections and diseases.

Using unsafe ingredients such as coconut oil, petroleum jelly, aloe vera or olive oil is irresponsible and should be avoided. Instead, it is advisable to use water-based lube that does not stain or damage latex, although their main drawback is that they need to be applied more regularly. 

Silicone lube, on the other hand, is compatible with condoms and can be used under water. However, they are not recommended for use with sex toys and are more difficult to remove due to their density.

As for oil lubes, although they last longer, they are no longer used because of the contraindications they bring with them. 

As you will have seen, the different types of lube that exist are associated with different needs and preferences. Therefore, choosing one or another will depend on your case. In any case, Zensual has the most advanced lube that provides intense orgasms. 

Some of them stimulate blood circulation and with them you will be able to experience a cold and hot effect with which you can live new sexual experiences. 


Flavoured gels: the soluble and pleasurable lubricant 

If you prefer to try an exciting and sensual product, flavoured lube will add a sweet touch to your oral games. They are water-soluble lubes that are not sticky and do not stain your clothes.

These gels have a moisturising action that facilitates penetration and are also suitable for oral sex. In our catalogue of water or silicone based lubes you will find different types so that you can prolong your foreplay or avoid interruption of your intimate relationships as a result of poor natural lubrication. 

These gels will allow you to achieve maximum arousal, although we recommend you to experiment and try different gels to find out which one is right for you.


Buy your lube at Zensual

Buying lube at Zensual is a quick and easy task. In our catalogue we have the latest gels on the market to obtain pleasure in your intimate relationships or even to feel more complicity with your loved one. 

Its formulation effectively combats vaginal dryness and is completely safe to respect the natural balance of vaginal mucus. If you don't have a problem with dryness, you may be interested in them for other reasons, whether it's to facilitate anal sex or to enjoy oral sex. 

Whatever your reason for purchasing lube, if you have any doubts, our team will be happy to help you choose the one you are most interested in from our wide range of sexual lubes.

Our gels have physiological benefits and are tested for safety. Above all, we want to provide healthy experiences, which is why we only use quality lubricants from well-known brands such as Durex and Control. These are lubricants that have been subjected to all kinds of tests and health controls, resulting in products of high quality, effectiveness and hygiene. 

Sexual lubricants are booming and our section is one of the most visited. It is important to have safe sex and in our catalogue you have everything you need to make it possible. 

Stay with your favourite sexual lubes and also visit our sections of condoms, erotic cosmetics and sex toys to complete your encounters and intimate games with the most outstanding and revolutionary of the market.

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