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Sex toys are used by couples in order to seek new sensations and have an alternative to the traditional practices. They are the best products to enjoy love as a couple.This is why at Zensual we want to explain what We Vibe is, what advantages it has, what types exist and why it is so advisable to use it in your intimate relationships.

What are the advantages of We Vibe? 

We Vibe is a sex toy that gives you the opportunity to practice sex in a more intense way. It consists of a type of toy that adapts to the couple in a practical and simple way, allowing the sexual organs to feel the vibration throughout the sexual act. In this way, mutual satisfaction is achieved and you can perceive a different kind of pleasure; therefore, it offers the opportunity to be a feasible alternative to traditional sex.

One of the advantages is that it can be easily placed between the penis and the vagina, that is, a part of the toy is introduced inside the vagina and remains in contact with the penis, as is the case with We Vibe Sync, so that another part is adapted to the outer area in contact with the clitoris, producing a complete sensation of pleasure. 

The material used is flexible, soft and completely ergonomic, which is really useful to achieve full adaptation during sex. The vibration is clearly perceptible; it can even be controlled through a remote control, as is the case with the We Vibe Chorus.


Best We Vibe products for men

Nowadays, there are different sex toys for men that are practical and functional. A particular case is the vibrating ring that adapts very well to the penis and provides an intense pleasure during intercourse, as you feel a soft and lasting vibration. 

Overall, it is very pleasant and provides a feeling of fullness with which you can enjoy sex much more intensely. Another example is the We Vibe Plus, in which the couple will feel this vibration while being able to feel the softness of the material with which it is made. 

Best We Vibe products for Women

On the other hand, there are the We Vibe Tango and We Vibe Jive, both intended for women. These products are gaining more and more recognition and fame thanks to the fact that they precisely adapt very well to the vagina and do not produce any kind of discomfort during sexual intercourse. 

Sex can be enjoyed with total intimacy and affection while both partners are feeling the vibration. Inside the vagina you feel a great pleasure without forgetting that you are using a high quality product with really good materials.

Buy your We Vibe products at Zensual

When buying We Vibe products, we recommend you visit Zensual, the best website where you can buy sex toys and all kinds of products to improve sexual intercourse and make sexual practice a moment of fun, pleasure and closeness with your partner. 

After all, Zensual products are of the best quality, that's why they allow you to enjoy good, durable and very practical materials, even manageable with the We Vibe App.

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