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Sex is wonderful in nature, but when we use some erotic cosmetic products, the pleasure can be intensified to reach limits that we had never imagined. Lubes play a very important role in passionate encounters, as they make your relationships much softer, more sensitive and more pleasurable.


Below, we are going to tell you all the secrets about water-based lubes and we are going to show you the best models that you can find in Zensual, your trusted sexshop.


How does a water-based lube work?

A water-based lubricant is an intimate gel whose main ingredient is water. This makes its texture very light, smooth, natural, easy to clean and does not leave stains on clothes. These lubes are designed to allow women and men to have smoother and more pleasurable sexual relations.


Because it is a water-based lube, it evaporates much more quickly than silicone-based gels. Therefore, on some occasions, when sex sessions take a little longer than usual, it will be necessary to reapply more product, to keep the area well lubricated and free of chafing at all times.


This natural lube can be used for all types of sexual encounters, whether vaginal or anal. There are even some water-based and flavoured lubes, which will make your oral sex filled with different sensations that incite your own and your partner's pleasure in bed.


Water-based lube can also be used on a daily basis, for all those women who suffer from vaginal dryness and need to soothe the area. In case you are going to have water sex (shower, swimming pool, beach, etc.), we recommend you to buy another type of lubricant, as it will dissolve easily, because it has the same composition as water.


How do you use water-based lube?

Using a water-based lube is a very simple task, so it can become one of the actions you introduce in your routine sexual encounters. Just apply a few drops to your fingers and apply the solution to your intimate area just before you start having sex.


This gel can also be applied to the outside of the condom to make penetration softer, lighter and more natural. It will not be necessary to apply more than a few drops, as this product is very light and expands easily, leaving the whole area lubricated in a matter of seconds.


It is recommended that you try a few drops and, if you find that you need more, add a few extra drops to your private parts. You should bear in mind that you cannot use lubricant on irritated or injured skin and that, once you have opened the bottle, it lasts for 3 months.

Differences between water-based and silicone-based lube

Silicone lubricants are much more intense products, designed for people who tend to have fairly long sex sessions. Their formula makes the product more durable and the lubrication lasts much longer, which makes it more difficult to remove afterwards.


Silicone lubricants are not as easily absorbed, nor do they dry on contact with air. So you won't need to apply lube more than once in a single encounter. They are also compatible with condoms, so you don't have to compromise your safety in order to use them.


Here are the main differences between water-based lubricants and silicone-based gels:


  • Durability: silicone lube is more durable than water-based lube because it does not absorb as easily or dry out when it comes into contact with the environment.


  • Multiple applications: With water-based lube you will need to apply it several times during your sexual encounters, as it is easier for it to dry out. With silicone lube, just one application will suffice.


  • Subsequent hygiene: After your sexual encounters, it will be very easy to remove the water-based lube, but it will be more difficult to remove silicone lube, as it will stick to your skin, as if it were an oil.


  • In anal sex: Silicone-based lube is much thicker, so it is ideal for anal intercourse, as it will lubricate the area of penetration for a longer period of time.


  • Combination with sex toys: Sex toys are usually made of silicone, so it is best to use them with the most natural lube possible. In this case it is advisable to use erotic objects with water-based lube, although both types of lubricant can be suitable for use with sex toys.


Suitable for everyone

Water-based lube is suitable for everyone, whether for sexual, vaginal, anal or even oral intercourse. It should be applied to the unlubricated area to be penetrated, to ensure smoothness and pleasure in this act. 


As for oral sex, it is advisable to use flavoured gels that will neutralise any bad smell and will allow you to play with your mouth to the maximum, feeling a wide range of flavours that will turn you on.

Can be used with a condom

As we said in the previous point, water-based lube is suitable for everyone, even for couples who have sex with a condom. This gel is ideal for use with a condom to ensure smooth penetration and complete protection for the duration of your sexual encounter.


Buy your water-based lube at Zensual

At Zensual you will find an online sexshop where you can find all the sex toys and erotic cosmetics you can imagine. We only work with the best brands, as our aim is to give our customers the pleasure they have been looking for so long in their sexual encounters.


Our main motto is "Sex makes you happy and healthy", which refers to our belief that sex should always be enjoyable for all partners. In order to make you happy, a sexual encounter should be consensual, fun and free of discomfort.


In our online catalogue you can find a wide range of products and items that will allow you to enjoy a much more pleasurable love life. Water-based lubricants are one of our star products and that's why we want to leave you with some of the best sellers at the moment.


Lube Tube

Lube Tube is a water-based lube that has a very pleasant texture to the touch, although its composition is colourless and odourless. It is a very long-lasting lubricant that helps to maintain more intense, pleasurable and long-lasting relationships, thanks to its long-lasting sliding effect, both for men and women.


Condoms have a lubricant base on top, but sometimes this is not enough, so a water-based lube can be used as a carrier.


Shunga Toko

These words were used to designate the Japanese erotic paintings of the 16th, 17th and 18th century. Shunga Toko is part of the latest generation of lubricants, which are not only made to soften sexual intercourse, but also serve to intensify pleasure. It can be used with adult latex accessories and condoms and is water soluble.


AQUAglide Original

This is one of the simplest intimate lubricants on this list. It is simply based on moisturising the poorly lubricated vagina, so that sexual encounters are pain-free. It is a high quality medical lubricant with excellent long-lasting sliding properties, also suitable for the use of erotic toys.


Fleshlube Water

Fleshlube Water is designed to provide maximum smoothness during sex with a partner or alone. It can be applied before penetration or for foreplay with erotic toys. It has a unique texture, silky and natural touch, pleasant to apply and easy to clean and has been considered the best gel for masturbation.



Male is a water-based male lubricant that contributes to a healthy sex life. It can also be used as a body massage gel, to start your sexual relations with a lot of affection and full of caresses, sensations and pleasure. This water-based gel is safe in comparison to latex and is colourless, odourless and tasteless.


Fleshlube heat effect

Fleshlube is a water-based gel that provides a pleasant sensation to the touch, filling your sexual experiences with softness and pleasure. In addition, the main feature of this lubricant is that it provides a pleasant sensation of heat in the area where it is applied, which can intensify the pleasure throughout the sexual experience and orgasm as its climax.


Eros Aqua

Thanks to its aqueous base, it will make each of the sexual encounters in which you use this cosmetic, fresh and pleasant. It not only improves the sliding capacity, but also has a moisturising action, so it is perfect for use in massages all over the body. This gel is residue free and will be very easy to remove in the shower with a little soap and water.


ID water-based lubricant

This water-based lube is ideal for increasing sensitivity alone or with a partner. It also provides the lubrication needed to increase pleasure, wherever you are, thanks to its single-dose format. It is suitable for sex toys and compatible with condoms, does not stain clothes and is ideal for masturbation. All products of this brand are manufactured with strict quality controls and only use the perfect raw materials.

Now you know what the best water-based lube is and you know that you can buy them at Zensual, your trusted sexshop. Take a look at our website to see the catalogue of products we offer and make each of your sexual encounters a new experience, full of the most intense pleasure.

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