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If you feel like enjoying fun erotic games as a previous step to a sexual relationship, discover all that sexy card games can do for you. Here at Zensual we want to tell you about their purpose and how to get started with these spicy suggestions that are a good option to play before enjoying good sexual intercourse. 

If you feel that your relationship has been carried away by the routine and you think you need to innovate to recover the passion, a game of sexual cards may be what you need to recover the curiosity between the two of you.

Open your mind and boost your imagination through the use of erotic cards that will lead you to the self-knowledge of your desires and passions.

Advantages of sexy card games

One of the main benefits of erotic cards has to do with breaking your bedroom routine. The idea is to have a good time and let yourself be carried away by the wildness and passion through new ideas that otherwise would not have occurred to you.

Boredom can kill passion in a couple's relationship, but to prevent this from happening, there are some spicy card games that will allow you to explore sexuality with total freedom. Keep in mind that you and your partner are the only ones who set the limits. 

Couples therapists advise you to use them to avoid monotony and to avoid intimate encounters that are scarce and too mechanical. In addition, sexual relations should not only focus on genitalia and it is important to encourage fantasy in order to ignite the flame. Thus, it is not a bad idea to use daring card games that indicate certain actions and positions to share incredible moments with that special person. 

These sexy games stimulate the libido and create new sensations. The best of all is that we have numerous options to choose the most suitable ones according to our tastes and preferences. Thus, there are all kinds of proposals and possibilities beyond vibrators and dildos. 

Many people mistakenly believe that they can only improve their situation through certain erotic toys. However, to warm up, we can also use fun card games that give a different and original touch to provide an entertaining time full of laughter and lots and lots of passion. 

In fact, they are the best travel companions because they don't take up much space and you can take them with you everywhere you go. So if you are thinking of going on a getaway with your partner, surprise him/her with an innovative game that will encourage you to break all kinds of taboos.

Types of sexy card games 

Nowadays there are many types of sexy card games to experience exciting moments as a couple or with friends. Depending on the cards and the type of game, you can meet all kinds of unknown challenges or even try new positions. 

One of the versions that are monopolising the sex toy market is the truth or dare card game, a tremendously fun experience with which you will have to face certain statements in which you will have to be completely sincere or daring and spicy challenges that will reveal your degree of daring. 

Be that as it may, sex cards are one of the most exciting erotic games known and their results never leave anyone indifferent. They are the perfect complement to carry out any playful evening that boasts and devises a tailor-made plan for you. 

At Zensual you will find a wide range of sexy card games that will make you spend really exciting moments with your partner or even in a group. Without a doubt, it is a very special way to enjoy sex to the fullest. Simply draw the card that will lead you to adopt an exciting sexual position or the one that will make you face that sexual challenge that you never got to do because of modesty or shyness. 

When we talk about card games, what comes to mind is Strip Poker. However, although it is part of a classic that should not be forgotten, there is a large collection of games waiting for you that will make you spice up all your meetings or social events. 

Not all sexy card games are aimed at having sex, as many of them are the perfect way to start the night in a suggestive way and then continue with your partner to finish what you have started.

Some of these games are designed to revive the spark and bring it back to life between the couple through new and stimulating erotic techniques. The cards with erotic drawings are a bit different from the usual and with them you will have games for couples with original and different rules. The idea is that you use your imagination to get the most out of them.

When we talk about sexy card games we usually think of methods with which to experience new sensations due to the lack of originality. Sex cards are a novel option that you can use as a complement to avoid getting carried away by routine. This type of alternative will allow you to discover other aspects related to sex that you didn't know about and, without a doubt, they will be a stimulus for you and your relationships. 

One of the main characteristics of these games is their surprise factor, which will lead you to ignite the spark of passion. In these games of chance everyone is a winner, because everyone can enjoy the stimuli provided by their cards. 

These erotic accessories are versatile and can be used in different situations, whether as a couple, with friends or at a fun bachelorette party. In addition, it is also possible to adapt its rules to the convenience of each person and choose the degree of intensity best suited to your tastes.

It is now possible to experience tremendously exciting moments with sex cards. At Zensual we encourage you to explore other alternatives and choose erotic games of chance in which you will always win. In just a few minutes you can set the mood and discover all the passion that still nestles inside you. 

Remember that you have nothing to lose and that you can carry out exciting tests that will never cease to surprise you. Take the cards that interest you most and complete their challenges or actions to bring out your lust and make everything go as you had planned.

These games are great to include in romantic weekend trips so that you and your partner can let your imagination run wild and fantasise as you take a tour of the city. 

These games can contain very fun tests and original accessories such as dice or vibrating elements that will leave you open-mouthed. Read the instructions carefully to find out how to deal the cards and how to start building your sexual fantasies to start enjoying a naughty encounter full of excitement and passion.

Buy your sexy card games in Zensual

We love erotic games as much as you do, that's why we offer you a great variety of cards with which you can experience surprising things that will amuse you and get you in the mood. In addition, these types of games can unite you even more as a couple by exploring other sources of desire that you didn't think possible. 

Don't let routine take over your sex life and leave boredom aside to give way to fun with games in which you can experience new sources of pleasure. Yes, because the sexy card games we offer in our catalogue will help you get to know your partner better and he/she will get to know you better in turn. 

They are novelty games full of erotic fantasies, intimate questions, seductive challenges and much more. In fact, you may find it impossible to go all the way. Either way, it will make you discover sex in a different way, making all your desires come true. 

If you don't know which sexy card games to choose from the wide range of existing possibilities, we invite you to take a look at all the available options in our catalogue or contact our team and ask without any fear.  Each game has its own characteristics and it is better for you to be confident when choosing the most entertaining game for you and your partner, or the one you will dare to play with. 

We have good qualitysexy card games with very interesting proposals specially designed for you. We only have original brands that are dedicated to this sector, so our articles comply with the current regulations and will know how to adapt to your needs. 

If you have always been curious about this type of articles, the time has come to explore different sexual possibilities through play. Remember that fantasy plays a very important role in sex and that foreplay is essential to enhance the emotional connection or increase the desire that will make your orgasms more powerful than ever.

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