The vibrator has ceased to be a taboo to become the great accomplice for women, men and couples who want to improve their sex life. Whether you have already tried these excellent accessories or if it is your first experience in the world of sex toys, you will surely be looking for the best product at an irresistible price.

Types of vibrators

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Vibrator at the best price

The vibrator has ceased to be a taboo to become the great accomplice for women, men and couples who want to improve their sex life. Whether you have already tried these excellent accessories or if it is your first experience in the world of sex toys, you will surely be looking for the best product at an irresistible price. 

Below we are going to talk about the most interesting options on the market so you can buy your vibrator at the best price. Pay attention and start having fun!

All types of vibrators for women

Vibrators for women are the models that offer the most tradition, because for many years these products have been focused almost exclusively on a predominantly female audience. These are all the types of vibrator for women that you will find at your disposal:

Vibrators for women

Vibrators for women are those “classics” in which a product is presented in the shape of a more or less realistic penis that has a vibration function designed to produce female pleasure. 

They come in different sizes to suit all tastes, with different modes or speeds designed to find the exact spot for each woman. You will find a wide range of all styles and with different functionalities.

The vibrating bunny

The vibrating bunny is the model named after its shape, which encourages both internal and external stimulation, and is usually marketed in lovely colours such as pink or purple. They are 4x4 products that are waterproof and offer fun features to have a sensual time.

The clitoral sucker

Suckers caused a great stir with their popularisation in recent years and it is that it is the sex toy par excellence for the female anatomy, as it stimulates one of the most important parts of a woman's body. 

These models provide an overflowing amount of pleasure, have sizes of the most manageable to carry everywhere and are among the favourites of the girls.

The dual vibrator

The dual vibrator is a vibrator that has a dual function. On the one hand, the traditional vibrator part and, on the other, the clitoral suction. They are very complete products for an intense experience, capable of stimulating the female anatomy to the maximum and reaching other types of orgasms impossible to achieve with traditional models.

The egg vibrator

An egg vibrator doesn't fool anyone: it has a more rounded and thicker shape, similar to that of an egg. This dildo is an all-rounder that allows you to enjoy at home, take it comfortably on a trip thanks to its accessible size and even play as a couple, as they usually have a remote control.

Kegel balls

Kegel balls are a classic of female stimulation, since in addition to having the ability to provide pleasure with the vibration of these to any movement, they are also highly recommended to strengthen and exercise the pelvic floor.  In fact, the latter is their main objective beyond the fact that you can occasionally enjoy using them. Therefore, with them you will have a two for one guaranteed.

The best vibrators for men

Vibrators for men are a revolution and there are more and more types on the market. They are ideal for people who want a plus in their personal enjoyment, to explore new levels of pleasure and open a new world of sexual possibilities available to everyone.

These are the best vibrators for men that you will find on the market today:


This vibrator is ideal for men, as it has the function of massaging the prostate to achieve higher levels of pleasure. It provides a unique and very pleasant texture and is made of hypoallergenic materials that make it very safe to use.


This model and its entire collection provide the most innovative ways to make pleasure flow like never before, both for men and for couples. An indispensable companion to make all fantasies come true, with a realistic penis shape, two powerful motors and several sizes to choose from to suit everyone's taste.


This is an interesting massager specially designed for men who want to get started with anal stimulation or who do not have much experience with it. It stimulates the prostate area, is able to increase sensations and pleasure and produce much more powerful ejaculations.



This product for male pleasure incorporates all the features you could wish for, as it has up to 3 powerful motors with 8 different levels of vibration and 9 different modes. It is ideal for exploring individual pleasure and getting to know yourself much better.


This vibrator comes with a strap-on system, so it is ideal for use as a couple or to tie it in a static place to enjoy more realistic sex alone. It adapts very well to all circumstances and has different types of vibration for a more complete experience.

Discover the pleasure of vibrators for couples

Have you already discovered the wide world of vibrators for couples? Nowadays there is a wide range of products designed to share with another person and give that extra plus in intimate relationships. Its use is really positive from different points of view, as it is able to recover the passion in couples who have fallen into a routine or who need new stimuli in their intimate life. 

It is also perfect to get to know your partner better and even to investigate together in the sexual field and thus strengthen your bonds of union. So don't get the idea that it is essential to have a crisis or unsatisfactory relationships in order to enjoy them, nothing could be further from the truth!

Among all these possibilities you will find some very juicy ones that you will surely want to try in the company of your partner. One of the most interesting options is the remote control vibrator which is an accessory that is equipped with a remote control. Therefore, one partner can enjoy it while the other controls it, even from a distance! I'm sure you can think of many hot situations in which to use it.

Plus, there are some perfect accessories to enhance the experience and bring out the most powerful in everyone involved in the sexual relationship. This is where the cock ring comes into its own, as it can completely change the game. This device is capable of increasing the erection, making it last longer and providing a great dose of pleasure to all parties involved.

Finally, we would like to make special mention of the sex kits for couples. These are boxes with different utensils designed to change the sex life of the most daring couples and come with different types of stimulators and vibrators, with flavoured lubricants, dice with postures, edible clothes or challenges, there are different types! This can turn any date into an unforgettable erotic experience.

We invite you to let yourself be carried away by passion with the person you love, there will be no better accomplice to experience the fun of an active sex life with new ingredients that give that spark, that playfulness that you are looking for the fullness in intimacy. 

Vibrators can become the key to a world of pleasure together that you did not know and had not experienced so far: open your mind, be an accomplice of your partner and exploit your most seductive side.

Find your vibrator at the best price at Zensual

If you have liked these options or you have been stunned to discover the wide range of possibilities that have opened before you, you will surely want to know where to find your vibrator at the best price to start enjoying sex as you have never done before. We have the answer for you and it is Zensual, have you heard of it?

It is an online erotic shop that offers you a huge collection of intimate products, sex toys, vibrators and accessories for couples. Everything you can imagine will be available to you in just a few clicks and with the convenience of choosing without leaving home or without anyone seeing you go to a physical sex shop.

This will offer you the possibility of finding novelties of high interest to give that different and spicy touch to your sexual life without rushing and without being observed by who you don't want. You will be able to make your online purchase with the items you like the most, with juicy discounts that will allow you to access the most competitive prices on the market and with the advantage of receiving everything at home. 

Don't worry, the delivery will also be very discreet inside a box that does not specify what is inside it, only you will know the wonders inside!

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