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How to do a Striptease step by step | Zensual

How to do a Striptease step by step

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A striptease is the ideal start to any relationship: to break the ice, to ignite passion, to set the mood before the show starts... Everyone has dreamed of the perfect striptease, either to do it or to have it performed for them. But although at first it may seem easy and some people think it's just a matter of taking your clothes off, the reality is that there are a number of tips and tricks you can apply to make that striptease memorable.  That's why in this Zensual blog post we will talk about how to do a striptease step by step, with the best tips and all the keys to leave your partner speechless. Shall we discover it together?

The idea of undressing for someone or having them undress for you has surely crossed your mind at least once. The theory seems simple: take your clothes off more or less gracefully in front of the other person. But if you think about it coldly, doing a good striptease can be more complex than it seems. Don't worry! We are here to give you the best tips and advice and help you to do a great striptease.

What is a striptease?

For those who know the word striptease, the meaning of the word striptease is very easy to guess. This term is the union of the verb Strip - which means to undress - and tease - which means to tempt, insinuate or advance. In other words, a striptease is the act of undressing in an insinuating way, tempting the person who is watching you, in a sensual and exciting way.

From here, the variations can be as many as there are people doing it. The nude can be full or partial, faster or slower, with more or less seduction, adding more dance elements or just playing with nudity, with touches of humour or completely racy, making skin-to-skin contact with the other person or just letting them watch your action... The beauty of this art is that it can be done in so many ways and none of them are right or wrong. You have to do it in a way that fits your personality and that you know the person you are doing it to will like.

To give you some tips and tricks we have prepared a series of steps so that you know how to do a striptease step by step.

Tricks to do a striptease to perfection

Create the perfect atmosphere

To make your striptease perfect, you both need to be in the right mood. That's why a good ambience can help you gain a lot and make the show more spectacular. The keys? Dim lighting, which will add sensuality and a touch of mystery, candles or sexy incense, which will bring an extra aroma and a touch of fire that will light the flame.

Clothing is essential

Although the ultimate goal of the striptease is to get naked, it is important that the clothes go with the moment, especially if we are talking about underwear. There's a trick to keep in mind, and that is that the more layers of clothing you wear, the longer the striptease will last, increasing the anticipation and the ultimate satisfaction. In short, it would be good to contrast the different layers: the outer layer with more normal clothes and the inner layers, as we go along in the striptease, should be more and more erotic and spicy. If you want a fantastic choice of the best pieces of sexy lingerie you can choose some from the following Zensual page.

Pay attention to the music

Music is always an essential part of the setting and should be a key element of your stiptease. Obviously, not everyone has the gift of dance running through their veins, but that's no excuse for not moving to the music and making sensual moves. If you are one of those people who find it difficult to move with a certain grace, the best thing to do is to prepare a choreography and rehearse it, this way you can avoid the doubts of the moment and make sure that each movement is in the right place. Repeat and repeat your dance until it comes naturally to you, only with practice will you be able to overcome your deficiencies in the dance and give a perfect show. 

When choosing the music it is important that you find the right tune for the moment. It should be neither too slow nor too fast, it should have the sensuality necessary to be able to move and last long enough for you to be able to do the complete striptease.

Attitude is key

Although we have just talked about the importance of dancing, there is one thing that comes before everything else and that will mark the success of your striptease: attitude. It is not enough to move gracefully, even if you dance very well, nor is it enough to routinely take off your clothes one after the other. The most important thing is that you feel sexy and emanate that sensuality, you must have confidence in yourself and in your movements, that is what will make you look sexy. How can we improve it? Well, as we said in the previous section, the best thing to do is to practise. You can do it in front of the mirror and see what your body language is, what moves you make, how your movements look... Knowing your movements is what will make you feel comfortable, and comfort is what will make you feel sexy.

Visual and physical contact

Stiptease is a game of deception, temptation and intimacy. You must make the other person feel that they are the only thing in the universe and you must focus their gaze on you. To do this, you need to make eye contact all the time, to capture the attention of her eyes so that she forgets everything else. But eye contact does not have to be the only one, you can also play with physical contact. Keep in mind that the final culmination of the striptease will probably be physical contact, but you can playfully advance that ending. Approach the other person, make them think you're going to touch them and pull away. Put honey on their lips and take it away from them. That naughty game will get the flame going and make your striptease a success.

Perfect accessories for a striptease

There are many types of striptease, as you have been able to see in this article, which is why we can use many props depending on the type of show you want to offer your partner. Sexy lingerie is key, but you can also use BDSM props if you are into it; massage oils if you want to boost physical contact, or even sexy games if you want a more playful striptease. 

At Zensual, your trusted online sex-shop we have many accessories that will make this time unforgettable.

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