How to boost a woman's orgasm

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At the moment of orgasm, a woman's body undergoes some changes: the clitoris recoils, as does the vagina, which begins to experience rhythmic contractions. In turn, the heart rate accelerates and blood vessels dilate throughout the body. At the same time, there is an unattainable sensation of pleasure, an unparalleled climax. The problem is that not all women reach orgasm easily and not all women have orgasms of the same intensity. There are many reasons for this, be it loss of sexual desire, lack of arousal, poor lubrication or simply a psychological blockage... But there is a way out!

At Zensual we want everyone to enjoy sex to the fullest, that's why in addition to our online sex shop products, we want to explain how to boost a woman's orgasm. Read on and discover some of the best tricks to achieve it.

How to boost a woman's orgasm

Stress reduction

One of the main problems that cause difficulties in reaching orgasm and getting the most out of it is that many women take their stress and daily worries to bed with them. When you are stressed out, sexual desire is affected and this lowers your libido and makes it more difficult to reach orgasm. That's why the first thing you should do to boost orgasms is to de-stress and leave your worries aside: sex is a time to relax and let yourself go, to have your body and mind occupied only with your own pleasure. On the other hand, we should not become obsessed with orgasm either, that is something that should come naturally. The climax and its pleasure will come as a consequence of having enjoyed sex and foreplay, it should be a path, not a goal.

Foreplay to boost orgasms

Unlike men, women need much more stimulation in order to reach orgasm. That is why it is essential to have a long foreplay and preliminary session before starting with penetration. Good foreplay will make the difference between an enjoyable penetration that leads to orgasm or a painful and unexciting penetration. Kisses, caresses, massages... There is nothing forbidden during foreplay. In our online sexshop you can find the best sex games for couples, as well as sexual devices such as handcuffs and masks. With all these elements you will be able to increase the excitement gradually so that the orgasm ends up being as pleasurable and intense as possible.

Erogenous zones

We have already explained the importance of good foreplay to ensure that we  can boost your  orgasm. To do this, we can use toys or stimulate the woman's body orally or manually. Either way, it is important to be clear about which erogenous zones stimulate the woman the most to help her reach climax:

  • Neck and ears: when she moves her lips or fingers over these areas, the woman will feel a tingling sensation that will accelerate her breathing.
  • Breasts: these are one of the areas of the body with the most nerve endings, which is why it is also one of the areas that generates the most pleasure. For this reason, you should also be careful not to be rough, as you can cause damage if you press too hard on the nipples.
  • Thighs: The thighs and crotch is another erogenous zone that you should take into account when doing foreplay. Tongue stroking the crotch will increase arousal and prepare the woman's body for what is to come.
  • Clitoris: It is surely no surprise to find the clitoris on this list of erogenous zones of the female body. Stimulating it directly, either with the fingers or with the tongue, will make it much easier to reach orgasm with subsequent penetration. In fact, if you stimulate it correctly for long enough, you can achieve orgasm directly.

With a good stimulation with the hands and mouth, with delicate and suggestive movements, you can enhance the woman's orgasm to the maximum so that your partner enjoys sex like never before.

Other tips to boost female orgasm

Sexual positions

There are almost as many sexual positions as there are couples in the world. The positions are infinite, and innovating and experimenting can bring us closer to new sensations of pleasure and enhance women's orgasms. Each posture has a meaning and a time to practise it. Depending on what we want to achieve, we will have to choose one that is more superficial, deeper, more comfortable or more athletic... Among all the positions, there are a few that can help you reach orgasm, others that can help with premature ejaculation. The first ones will make you enjoy more powerful and intense orgasms, as they are the ones that allow you to stimulate all the key points of a woman's body: the clitoris and the G-spot. In this case, as we are looking to enhance the woman's orgasm, the best possible position is for the woman to sit on top of the man. This will allow deep penetration and it is she who maintains the rhythm and depth of penetration.

Sex toys

But as we have explained before, sex is not only about penetration, but there are a series of games and elements that we can introduce in our sessions and that will make the excitement go through the roof and the orgasms come sooner and with 

much more power. Obviously, we are talking about sex toys. This type of toy has been with us for a long time, but it is in recent years when they have taken a radical turn and have entered with great force in many homes. Sex toys are no longer just masturbators for those who do not have a sexual partner, but they are also an essential element of life as a couple. At Zensual, your online sex shop, we are specialists in sex toys and we have at your disposal the best toys for you and your partner to increase the temperature to the maximum and enhance women's orgasm.

The options are multiple, handcuffs, dildos, vibrators, creams... So if you are looking for a specific product or just want to see what is available, we advise you to review the products in our shop and choose the one you like the most. We will send it to your home.

If during sex all the movements are at the same rhythm and strength, the stimulation will become monotonous and will make it difficult for the woman to reach orgasm easily. The key to reaching climax sooner and having a more intense orgasm is to vary the rhythm, as well as combining penetration with manual stimulation and tongue stimulation. 

Kegel exercises to enhance orgasm

In addition to all the tricks we have explained so far, there is another method that women should take into account in order to enhance orgasms: kegel exercises.

These exercises aim to tone a woman's pelvic floor muscles. These muscles are the ones that contract rhythmically when we reach orgasm, so if we tone them, the friction during penetration will be stronger and the pleasure during sex will be greater.

These exercises were created by the gynaecologist Arnold Kegel in 1942. Kegel was one of the first gynaecologists who began to study pelvic health and see its relationship to some of the most common problems among women, for example, urinary incontinence. 

The effectiveness of these exercises was such that side effects were discovered that had not been considered at the beginning. Women who performed the kegel exercises regularly improved their ability to reach orgasm as well as the potency of those orgasms.

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